Amazon Lightsail Review: Why Select Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail Reviews: Why Select Amazon Lightsail

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Cloud service is the demand of today’s professional and personal life. And there are so many companies that are providing cloud service. Here we are sharing one of our suggestions for cloud service that is Amazon Lightsail.  After research and reading all the Amazon Lightsail reviews we find that it is one of the best cloud services.

Many developers are using this platform because of its popularity and reliability as a cloud service. Why so, read the blog and find what is Amazon Lightsail and why it is a better option for a cloud server.

What is Amazon Lightsail?

Amazon Lightsail is an easy cloud website hosting framework on the AWS platform. This is an Amazon cloud service. AWS designed the Lightsail services to develop it easier to understand and purchase rudimentary compute capacity. So today we have a range of services to select from, but still, AWS is on the top. Amazon Lightsail is the cloud computing platform that provides a compute, storage and networking capacity, capabilities for deploy, manage websites and web applications in the cloud.

What is Amazon Lightsail

It is targeting new and inexperienced users. And Amazon Lightsail is connected to Amazon EC2, Virtual private server, Amazon Lightsail. So this is for scale and integrates with other Amazon web services. It is an easy way for developers to get started with a simple VPS solution. Amazon Lightsail is included a static IP address, domain name server management, and virtualized server monitoring.

Amazon Lightsail has 20-80 GB of storage allowance. It is multi-platform this works on different operating systems but many users will likely select a Linux distribution like Debian. It is launched VPS which are VMs with individual operating systems but restricted access for physical server resources. So this is called Amazon Lightsail.

Amazon Lightsail Review

Amazon Lightsail Review

According to many ratings and review sites, Lightsail is one of the best cloud platform services. And many customers give positive reviews of Lightsail. Here are some points that attract users toward Amazon Lightsail-

  • Lightsail is the brand of new service developed by the Amazon in Las Vagos in the 2000s.
  • It offers services at better economical prices.
  • Affordable VPN that is aimed at students startups small businesses.
  • Different packages and operating systems that make a very easy to use.
  • Lightsail has integrated with Amazon web services. Amazon is a trusted search engine for online shopping.
  • Effortless management-Like save money on management work and you will hold your developers happy.
  • Easy to connect with any other Amazon web service.
  • Lightsail is fast, easy to use, simple to manage, cheap and scalable.
  • This is affordable for new projects.
  • Amazon has done great work in panel design and platform development.
  • This also provides a reference for application programming interfaces and documentation.
  • Allows to set up your very own VPS system.
  • According to users, Lightsail is a very fast setup of creating a VPS for WordPress.
  • It has Gitlab and pure OS like Ubuntu 16.04 take only some clicks, its not excessive waiting time, and no more needed developer skills. Your server is ready in just minutes.
  • Easy hosting for websites.
  • This is low risk, no hassle server solution that can satisfy just about any web-based applications.
  • 24/7 supports for the developers.
  • So now you can do easily set up your server.

The user ratings for Amazon Lightsail on different criteria is given below

Criteria Rating Description
Setup Speed 5/5 This is very fast, easy and painless
Management Cost 5/5 Very Low
Price 5/4 This price is cheaper options exist, though they are not necessarily a better option.
Performance 5/4 Amazon Lightsail is a good performance but not the best out there in all situations. This seems to fall a bit behind Linode in terms of memory, for example. You can find extra details.
Overall 5/4 It is a good option as a starter server to Ruby on Rails projects.

Why Select Amazon Lightsail?

Amazon is select for creating cloud-based projects and virtual private servers. So it includes everything you require to lunch your project fast like a virtual machine, SSD based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP. Amazon Lightsail is a virtual server that is cost-effective, fast, and reliable with an easy for the user interface.

Amazon Lightsail is used for a developer, VPS, powerfull API, secure networking, integrated service, and load balancing. This is very fast, grows with you, low predictable costs, and free one month use. So that’s why reason selects the Amazon Lightsail. It has an affordable price. Amazon Lightsail virtual server is two types of pricing.

Amazon Lightsail Pricing

Lightsail has two types of pricing one is for Linux and another is for windows. Let’s have look at price packages.

1. Linux/Unix

$3.50/mo $5/mo $10/mo $20/mo $40/mo $80/mo $160/mo
512 MB Memory 1 GB Memory 2 GB Memory 4 GB Memory 8 GB Memory 16 GB Memory 32 GB Memory
1 Core Processor 2 Core Processor 2 Core Processor 4 Core Processor 8 Core Processor
20 GB SSD Disk 40 GB SSD Disk 60 GB SSD Disk 80 GB SSD Disk 160 GB SSD Disk 320 GB SSD Disk 640 GB SSD Disk
1 TB Transfer 2 TB Transfer 3 TB Transfer 4 TB Transfer 5 TB Transfer 6 TB Transfer 7 TB Transfer

2. Windows

$8/mo $12/mo $20/mo $40/mo $70/mo $120/mo $240/mo
512 MB Memory 1 GB Memory 2 GB Memory 4 GB Memory 8 GB Memory 16 GB Memory 32 GB Memory
1 Core Processor 2 Core Processor 2 Core Processor 4 Core Processor 8 Core Processor
20 GB SSD Disk 40 GB SSD Disk 60 GB SSD Disk 80 GB SSD Disk 160 GB SSD Disk 320 GB SSD Disk 640 GB SSD Disk
1 TB Transfer 2 TB Transfer 3 TB Transfer 4 TB Transfer 5 TB Transfer 6 TB Transfer 7 TB Transfer

Features of Amazon Lightsail

  • Lightsail is the VPS system
  • Amazon Lightsail access to other AWS services. This is easy to extend the capabilities of Amazon Lightsail for AWS service with like managed databases like CDNs, and more.
  • It is secure shell access. And this offers a cloud-based console option for connecting over secure SHA.
  • It has simplified load balancing.
  • Amazon Lightsail is a snapshot to save your information.
  • This is possible for access by IP address, DNS, firewall.
  • It offers a powerful API with which to build your applications.

Benefits of Using Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail benefits are listed below.

  • Simplified UI: This is runs by pre-installed software. And there will be low confusion to users who are using this for the first time.
  • Familiarity: Developers and companies who use the Amazon Lightsail for web hosting and application development will find extra alluring.
  • Affordability: The Amazon Lightsail subscription is free for one month and after one month using the service you will pay $5 per month for the low-cost tier.
  • Ecosystem: This is benefits from the massive AWS ecosystem.
  • Reliability: The requirements for the replacement are rare like the service run by Amazon infrastructure and data centers.


Cloud storage is the best place to keep your data safe and secure.

Amazon Lightsail is a brand new service from the AWS platform. To learn more about AWS and you can refer to our Amazon Lightsail review blog. In this blog, I discussed the Amazon Lightsail and this is used for a developer to develop cloud-based projects with Powerfull API. I hope this article will provide you the best information about the Amazon Lightsali review.


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