Best Programming Language of 2018 [Most Popular]

Best Programming Language[Most Popular]

Programming Languages

“For beginners-top 15 best programming language that stays for long”.

Programming language contains a wide range of binary operations, Basically programming languages are updated according to the need of work. And if you are searching programming language for desktop or windows application then you must know the best languages in the option.

However, Software developers use different languages and codes to frame technology. For the beginner who aims to develop desktop and windows applications, here are top programming languages that mostly used to design software.

Here we enlist the top 12 most popular programming languages used to develop desktop, windows and other application in present and in future also.

Top 15 Programming Languages For Windows and Desktop Application

For the programming lovers, we have created a list of best Programming language for windows, desktop, mobile, video streaming, and web application. Let’s have a look-

Python JavaJavaScriptSQLR
C#PHPGo   SwiftRuby

1. Python Programming Language

Python most popular programming languages 2018

Python programming language is a general-purpose language for both desktops and web applications. Moreover, it can be used to develop a complex scientific and numeric application. Like graphical user interface for desktop and mobiles.

This language has a different design outlook that improvises code readability via using significant white spaces. It provides all the possibilities that facilitate clear programming on all scales.

Python is a high-level programming language and allows you to focus on the core functionality of the application by managing the common programming task.

Python is an object-oriented programming language with dynamic features and dominates other programming languages too. The most probable reason for its popularity is, it is easy to read and simple to write.

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Furthermore, the reasons are, it has a rich and supportive community, open-source and availability, standard libraries, cross-platform languages.

This is generally used for Web and Internet development, scientific and Numeric applications, desktop GUIs business applications. That all widely used in AI and Machine Learning space. According to the IEEE spectrum’s fifth annual ranking, Python is the most popular programming language. The Python language is used by 32% to 35% of developers  The career opportunities in Python is also increased by 40%.


  • It supports many systems and platforms.
  • It has object-oriented programming driven.
  • This is a help to improve the Programmer’s Productivity.
  • Python allows you to scale even the most complex applications with ease.
  • Python has Extensive Support Libraries.


  • Python note ideal for Mobile Computing.
  • It is Python’s database access layer is bit underdeveloped and primitive

2. Java Programming Language

Java Best Programming Language

Java has almost completed 22 years as a programming language. This is uses by millions of developers and billions of the device over the world. It is able to run on any hardware and operating system using Java Virtual Machine.

Basically, Java is a General-purpose programming language specifically designed for few implementations. It is a class-based and object-oriented computer programming language. Almost all android apps are based on Java and 90% Fortune 500 companies use Java as a server-side.

One of the reasons for Java language popularity is platform independence. Any program can run on different sets of the computer as far as a computer has JRE(Java Runtime Environment)  installed.

Since Java is had a long time in programming language most of the large organizations like Banks, retailers, insurance companies are built by using Java programming.

However, Java is used to develop applications and platforms for many devices, For example,  medical monitoring devices, parking meters, lottery terminals and smartphones, Computers, laptops gaming console, Blu-ray, car navigation.

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Furthermore, Java programming is also used to create dynamic programs embedded within the web pages. These programs are known as applets and can be used to display weather, games, maps or other interactive tools on a web page. This is mostly used for developing Android apps, web apps, and big data.


  • This is an Object-Oriented programming language.
  • Java provides APIs for various activities like Database connection, networking, CML parsing, utilities, etc.
  • Java is a powerful open-source rapid development software.
  • It has a larger number of open-source libraries.


  • Java memory management in java is quite expensive.
  • The absence of templates can limit you for creating high-quality data structures.

Moving on to another programming language that is JavaScript

3. JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript Best Programming Language

Javascript programming language is a kind of basic modal required to build something, from which other applications and machines are developed. Commonly Javascript used as a client-side scripting language. It has a dynamic, object-oriented and declarative style of programming. So you can use Javascript to develop a desktop application. Here we can say Javascript is the best language for desktop applications.

Moreover, JavaScript is the most popular and widely used programming languages. Its growth is faster than any other language.  Many famous companies like Netflix, PayPal, and Walmart there all applications that are solely around JavaScript.

Previously, JavaScript is famous to build interactive web pages in a browser. However, after huge community support and investments from Facebook and Google, its functionality increased drastically. Now you can build full creative pages, mobile app, and real-time networking application chats and video streaming services and games too.

Every browser has a JavaScript engine that can perform JavaScript code. In 2009 the Ryan Dahl (an engineer) put the JavaScript search engine in(present in Chrome) into a C++ programme. And he named that programme as a node. After this, we can run a JavaScript engine outside a web browser.

Moreover, JavaScript is used by almost 80% of developers and by 95% of the website of the dynamic logic of their websites.


  • This is client-side JavaScript is very fast. Like it can be run quickly in the client-side browser.
  • It is relatively easy to learn.
  • JavaScript can work smoothly with other languages and can be used in a huge variety of applications.
  • Grease monkey support for write snippets of JavaScript which can execute on specific web pages.


  • It only allows single inheritance, so multiple inheritances are not possible.
  • This is No copy or equal way is available in JavaScript.
  • It is interpreted differently by the diffrent browsers.

Next programming language is SQL-

4. SQL Programming Language

programming language

The full form of SQL is a structured query language. SQL programming language is most useful for the large data works because it selects the important data from an extensive database. As every application needs a database for data storage, SQL provides the database.


  • SQL is a powerful query language.
  • SQL optimized to big numbers of table rows.
  • This is fast for searching and querying of data.
  • It has a high availability and consistency of data.
  • It has fast for retrieving data from several tables.


  • SQL is hard to convert data from objects into database tables.
  • It can only run on the single, so increasing speed means upgrading hardware.

Let’s move to another popular programming language i.e R-

5. R


R was designed by the Robert Gentlemen and Ross Lhaka at the University of Auckland. Its project was conceived in 1992, developed its initial version released in 1995 it is the stable beta version in 2000. It uses data science projects, statistical computing, machine learning.

This includes machine learning algorithms, linear regression, time series, and statistical interface for name some. Most of the R libreries are written in R. So this language is good for experts.

Why R Programming Language?

  • R programming is utilized as a variety one tools for machine learning, statistics, and knowledge analysis.
  • It’s a platform-independent language. this implies it square measure is usually applied to any or all or any OS.
  • It’s associate with ASCII text file-free language. which means anyone will install it in any organization while not getting a license.
  • R artificial language is not solely a data point package however additionally permits the United States of America to integrate with alternative languages (C, C++). Thus, you may simply act with several knowledge sources and applied mathematics packages.
  • The R artificial language options are a colossal community of users and it’s growing day by day.
  • R is presently one of the foremost requested programming languages at intervals in the info Science job market that makes it the foremost well likable trend these days.


  • R is a comprehensive statistical analysis language that encourages you to develop new ideas.
  • Like a statical language which is considered to be very simple to code.
  • This is an open source tool. Therefore, anyone can use it and remove it.
  • It is good for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  • This is a cross-platform which means it can seamlessly run on diffrent operating systems.


  • In R quality of few packages is not up to mark.
  • R has not the best memory management. Therefore, it may consume all available memory.

Here is the Comparison of top 5

Next programming language is C#

6. C# Programming Language

C#Best Programming Language

One more general-purpose language includes strong typing, declarative, functional object and component-oriented programming art.

C# is also known as C Sharp. It is approx syntactical similar to Java. C# was developed by Microsoft and it is used in all products of Microsoft. Mainly C# programming language is used to develop desktop applications and the most recent desktop application is Windows 8 and 10.

Also, it is part of .NET so it uses adjacent languages. For example, ASP in applications and web development. C# is also an object-oriented and prime language of Microsoft. It is also used for a wide range of enterprise application that runs on the .NET.

Besides, C# has a major rise in popularity because of the Unity engine(Using it as a Scripting language). It is not limited to the Microsoft .NET Framework. This is also used for Windows application and Android iOS applications with Xamarin technology.


  • This is a popular language, and thus, they are many compilers and libreries
  • And other programming languages like C, C#, and java have very similar syntax for C++, create this easy to learn for everyone who knows C++.
  • C# has no garbage collector is running in the background.


  • The syntax is difficult, and the standard library is little, creating this language very hard to learn for beginners programmers.
  • C++ programs can not help garbage collection or dynamic memory allocation.

Next name in top programming languages is PHP

7. PHP Programming Language

PHP Best Programming Language

PHP(hypertext preprocessor)language is a widely-used programming language for web development. It also can insert HTML to interact with the MySQL database. PHP is an open-source general-purpose scripting language.

The PHP script can be used for many operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and many others. However, it also supports a web server like Apache and IIS.

It consists of different programs and converts source codes into human-readable codes such format that easier for the computer to read. It creates files that form web pages and display content on the World Wide Web.

A database is an important part of all desktop applications. So, SQL is an important programming language for the development of Windows applications.


  • It’s running with PHP is easy.
  • It’s functional and Object-Oriented Programming.
  • PHP has a big open-source software community.
  • PHP is a reasonably good system of automation software available for testing and deploying.


  • This is error handling facility is poor as PHP lacks debugging software.
  • This is not secure as it is one of the best open-source languages.
  • It is developing websites with PHP Web Development is slower than other languages.

The language is specifically designed for web development and almost 75% of websites use PHP programming.

Next programming language is Go



Go language which is also known as go long is developed at google in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Rob Pike. Go language is used for Console utilities, GUI applications, and web applications.

How does the Go programming language respond?

Go incorporates an assortment of elements like its standard library, bundle the board, static composting, support for testing likewise as its foundation autonomy. Go’s standard library is predicated on the usage of disseminated bundles. Bundle the executives alludes to how Go will oversee support for client-based and outer bundle the board. Bundles are frequently distributed utilizing a little arrangement of orders. Static composing might be a sort of framework that guarantees transformations and similarity while keeping away from the issues that go with progressively composed dialects. Go likewise upholds unit tests to run in corresponding with composing code. Also, on account of Go’s measured plan, the code is regularly accumulated onto practically any stage.


  • This is a really fast language as it compiles to machine code.
  • Go language is syntax compared to other languages, and this is easy to learn.
  • Go offers a standard library to give a handly made function for working with primitive types.
  • It creates the current programming easy.


  • This is Poor library support.
  • It has interfaces are implicit.
  • It has fractured dependency management.

Let’s see another language in the top programming language list and that is Swift.

Next programming language is Swift

9. Swift Programming Language

Swift Best Programming Language

Swift is a relatively new programming language launched by Apple in 2014. It is generally favore by the developer and most love language for apple. And this is a general-purpose, open-source language makes using a modern approach for safety, performance, and software design patterns.

Swift is compiled general-purpose and differently pattern programming language developed by Apple Inc.

Basically,  it is a mobile language develope by Apple INC for iOS, macOS, tvOS, Linux and Z/OS. It designs to work on Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa touch framework. Swift is one of the latest and fastest-growing programming languages.

Its development is done with the open-source LLVM compiler framework. And also add-on in Xcode since version 6. It uses the Objective-C runtime library which allows C, Objective-C, C++ and Swift code to run in one program.

It was developed like an alternative for Objective-C for write applications to IOS and Mac. Deeply influenced by Python and Ruby, Swift was designe for being beginner-friendly and fun for users. This is one of the best programming languages.


  • Swift program code is near to natural English, so this is simple to read.
  • Simply add new features to this language which creates swift high-level language.
  • Its language has not long code line.
  • Swift is an automatic memory management feature that prevents memory leaks.


  • With the continues updating of swift versions of apple, this somewhat unstable.
  • Like this is a new programming language the pool of swift developers is very limited.

Next programming language is Ruby

10. Ruby Programming Language

Ruby Best Programming Language

The tagline for Ruby is “a programmer’s best friend”. Ruby is an example of the most loved programming language. It has less complex designed and simple to use by developers. More about Ruby is, this is a general-purpose, object-oriented, define and reflective computer programming language.

Ruby is a high-level programming language that achieves a lot with a simple line of code. Which sometimes takes effort which makes Ruby relatively passive in terms of ability in comparison with other popular languages. Still, it heightens productivity.

The codes of Ruby almost look like plain English sentences. So. this can be the choice to start learning a programming language. Ruby is famous for its Ruby and Rails Framework. This embeds all Ruby’s idea into a potential tool for the web.


  • This is free and open source software.
  • Easy to learn and running everywhere.
  • It has a great community
  • This is useful for a range of application types.
  • Ruby completely dynamically types, with no static type checking and flexible.
  • Python has a plethora of frameworks but that creates web programming very flexible.
  • It is tab based blocks.


  • It has a slow speed of execution.
  • Design quirks.
  • It is absence from phone computing.
  • It has limitations with database access.
  • Ruby’s absence of GUI and teamwork tools.

Here is the Comparison of top 5

Another programming language is Kotlin.

11. Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin Best Programming Language

Kotlin is a statically type cross-platform general-purpose computer programming language. Language is design to interoperate with Java.

Kotlin is the latest programming language that lies in statical type Programming languages that run on the JVM(Java Virtual Machine). It also can combine with a JavaScript Source code or use the LLVM compiler support.

After a struggle of almost 5-year Kotlin launched a production-ready version 1.0 in February year 2016. Google provides first-class support to Kotlin in the year 2017.

Furthermore, Kotlin 1.2, release in November 2017 that share code between JavaScript and JVM. And Kotlin 1.3 has come out in October 2018 that bring Coroutines for asynchronous programming. However, one of the uses of Kotlin is in Android apps development and this makes it more popular.


  • This is increases Team Productivity.
  • You can easily maintain it.
  • It is compatible with existing Java code.
  • It is less buggy.
  • Kotlin is more reliable.
  • Easy to learn.


  • It has fewer Kotlin professionals.
  • Slower Compilation speed.
  • Still not java.
  • Small developer community.

Move on to the next language from the popular programming list is Rust.

12. Rust Programming Language

Rust best coding language to learn Best Programming Language

Basically, Rust is the system coding language that means to substitute a lot of C and C++ development. That’s why this language is growing rigorous among web developers. It is a multi-pattern web programming language.

Rust programming language is more focused on safety. So, it’s compiler supports memory safety and makes the programming language safe. These elements are part of the core Rust language. But, in fields such as installed development, it’s a priority to do things. For example, set a structure at an address that describes a set of hardware records.

However, Rust is count in the latest programming languages still other tech companies like Dropbox and Coursera are going to use Rust programming internally.


  • Rust is memory safe.
  • This is very fast as C/C++ while this is far safer.
  • This is a general-purpose language that can be uses for any purpose.
  • It has great at concurrent programming language.
  • This has great communities.
  • It has an inbuilt dependency and developed management known as Cargo.
  • This is support cross-compilation for diffrent architectures.


  • Difficult to find learning resources or libreries.
  • Very new and untested.

Move on to next- Elixir programming language

13. Elixir Programming Language

Elixir Best Programming Language

Elixir is an emerging programming language. It has a bright future in this field. Elixir is another general-purpose coding language work to develop a scalable and maintainable application. It compiles to bytecode that runs Erlang Virtual Machine.

Erlang VM comes out from the telecom industry. Primarily, It is work to develop the web application by using Cowboy(Bare-bones HTTP server), or Phoenix( a full-featured web application framework). Also, by using Nerves framework it creating steam in embedded hardware space.


  • Elixir and Phoenix are fast. For example, the test of Elixir’s performance shows many good results than those for Ruby, and Phoenix response time is measure in a microsecond.
  • This is one of the strong sides of Erlang that is also available for Elixir.
  • In software development, concurrency means the ability for run multiple processes simultaneously but keep them independent of one other.


  • Smaller ecosystem.
  • Elixir is a young programming language.
  • Lack of Elixir developers.

Next language is the list is ELM.

14. Elm Programming Language

ELM Best Programming Language

Elm programming language is popular primarily in those who favor functional programming. It is a functional language that combines with JavaScript. Elm is a domain-specific programming language for deliberately builds browser GUI(Graphical user interface). Also, you can use it without JavaScript to make a user interface on the web. ELM has no runtime exceptions. Its compiler always gets an appreciation for having the most helpful message.

If you’re wont to programming in Java or JavaScript and desire it’s the natural way of writing code, learning Elm is often like falling down the rabbit burrow. The first thing you’ll notice is the strange syntax: no braces, many arrows, and triangles.

You may learn to measure without curly braces, but how does one define and nest blocks of code? Or, where is that the for loop, or the other loop, for that matter? While the explicit scope is often defined with a let block, there are not any blocks within the classic sense and no loops in the least.


  • It has no run time exceptions
  • It is inferre static typing
  • This is designe around high-level front end development.
  • Good documentation.
  • Great and easy way to learn purely functional programming
  • Elm has a high level of functional reactive code.


  • This is Not database-friendly.
  • It has Poor Windows support.
  • This Adds an additional layer of abstraction.
  • Elm Lack of type classes.

Last programming language is Crystal

15. Crystal Programming Language

Crystal Best Programming Language

Crystal is another emerging coding language that aspires to convey C-like performance into the profoundly abstracted world of web developers. This is beam at the Ruby community, with a syntax similar to Ruby’s and at times, identical to it.

Besides, large no Ruby-based startups are still growing. Crystal can play an important role to improve their performance. It is also an object-oriented general-purpose programing language.


  • It has a fast speed(relative to Ruby).
  • It has easy syntax.
  • Crystal is a strong typing that eliminates type errors.


  • Not much adoption.
  • Not many you can not think of one, could someone add one.

Here is the Comparison of top 5


We have enlisted all programming languages that are running on top and also the emerging languages that have a bright future in the coding world. So you can select any of language and start learning it from now. I hope the article helped and share your views in the Comment section.

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