Top 10 Essential Android App In 2019

Top 10 Essential Android App In 2019

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Is your smartphone your best friend? Make the bonding more strong. Here we have the essential android app you must download in your smartphone. You definitely like this collection of apps that also help you to manage your day, the way you want. So, have the latest Android mobile and mark the app you needed in it.

Here we have enlisted the top 10 Android apps you must use.

Essential Android App: Top 10 in the list   

1. 1Weather- A weather app

1Weather essential android app

One of the most famous android weather apps has simple feature and paginated designs. Knowing the climate helps you decide what to wear. That makes sense when you start your day and that’s why its essential android app. 1Weather forecast weather, up to 12 weeks. Along with this, it has standard stuff, for example, severe weather notification a radar so you can see the storm approaching.  It is available for free on play store.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps essential Android App

When you ready to go out must think about the routes and traffic. Google Maps serves for that that makes it an essential Android app. Basically, it virtually owns the navigation apps scene and one of the best Android apps ever. Besides navigating you to your destination it told you about the traffic and also shows the places of interest. And latest it has offline maps too.

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music essential android App

When the travel is long and you are not driving then music is the best way to pass your time. Google Play music is the best music app for android. Because it has less complication of membership and subscription. The app reads both your local file as well as online music too. Also, A list of essential Android app is incomplete without a music app.

4. Google Assistant

4. Google Assistant

Moving around and want to ask something. Ask Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an amazing app. And it also supports a variety of commands. You can control lights ask about the latest music, movies, gadgets, news even maths problem. Even kids love this app too. For voice searches, it is an essential Android app.

5. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

Privacy and security of login and password are always on priority. LastPass Password Manager helps you in that. It secures and manages your login credentials. The app is important because we are using our credit card and debits cards in our phones so, it’s an essential Android app and must keep such apps in your phone.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is cloud storage. Installing this in your android means adding 15Gb extra space in your mobile.  Another reason that makes it the essential android app is backup and synchronization. It allows you to store backup and sync your mobile data in Google drive. When your Data is in Google Drive the chances of losing important file is rare.

7. Clean Master- Antivirus

Clean Master- Antivirus

When we go for searches downloads and different file junk files get sticks to the device. Which harms your device. Clean Master is the essential Android app for this task. It automatically cleans the junk file and notifies for the regular cleanup for your device and cleans the RAM.

8. KeepNotes

KeepNotes essential Android App

As we forget so many things you can put the reminders for those. KeepNotes is used for that. Make a Note on KeepNotes and add a reminder to it. So, you can capture your daily tasks in KeepNotes and get a reminder for the task timely. Keep Photo of the poster, visiting card, document and find it easily in search.

9. Swiftkey


Swiftkey Keyboard is the most trusted App. It uses the Artificial intelligence to the word intended to type. It has a feature of autocorrect and Gestures typing for faster input. Furthermore, it has inbuild GIF search engine and a wide range of themes. It is an essential Android app for bilingual folks. However, Switftkey does not store passwords and any sensitive information. That makes it more trustworthy.

10. CamScanner App

CamScanner App

CamScanner is a scanner application that can scan any type of document And same then in the form PDF or image. You can save, organize share and store them any cloud storage like Google Drive, DropBox etc. The reason for putting this in essential android app list because scan file is required by many organization and education portals. In this situation, this CamScanners helps a lot.

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