Hacking Apps for iOS Devices


Here is a list for you of the best hacking apps for ios devices. These hacking apps can help you find the spot, local hosts, and exploits for the weak signal. Also using these apps you can easily crack the wifi password and snip traffic. The question arises why anyone needs these hacking tools as it feels to be against the privacy of the users. It’s basically for anybody who is a bug hunter and lookup for the new vulnerability present in-app. 

Also, these tools are a great help for ethical hackers who perform several tests in the network ensuring the privacy of the users. Also, exit many apps in the market that may be very harmful to your device. This malicious software can corrupt your data and can also steal them from your device. So we have designed a list of the best hacking apps for your ios devices and iPhone.

Table of Content

  • iWep Pro
  • mSpy
  • AndroRat
  • Spyzie
  • XNSPY 
  • Zanti
  • WLAN Audit
  • cSpoilt
  • Conclusion
  • Droidbox

1- iWep Pro

iWep pro is a very easy-to-use hacking software that can help you in cracking any wifi password. This app comes into play when you don’t have a proper network signal in your wifi. If you need to switch to any other private wifi signal provider without any headache then iWep Pro can be your perfect companion. As all the wifi signals are secured by the password, this app can crack the signal and make the wifi signal usable for you. However, the app is only limited to cracking the wifi password. By using this app you can easily crack the password that has a WEP security feature.

2- mSpy  

This is one of the best hacking apps for iOS devices to hack and look for the activities of your youngsters. This app can help you track down your younger phone activities without even getting into their notice. This app can be the best preventive measure to avoid your youngsters from any cyber attack or unwanted exposure. This app can be used in android as well as ios devices. The app offers features like GPS tracking, calls, SMS, and 25 other exciting features. The app allows you to track down WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking apps.      

3- AndroRat

It is a top-ranking hacking app for iOS devices through which hackers can track almost everything in your infected device. The app can provide easy access to your device contacts, call logs, and also your GPS location record. The app can also allow hackers to open a link through your default browser and can even stream online videos. The hackers can also take a picture through your camera without even getting noticed and listen to the sound through your microphone. The app can also allow hackers to send text messages and place a random call to a person. Also, there is a possibility of stealing your app data and making your phone vibrate.

4- Spyzie

The Spyzie is one of the best hacking apps that is mostly used for iOS devices and androids. The apps allow you to easily hack iOS devices, Android, and iPhone without even coming into notice. Through this app, you can easily hack Whatsapp, contact list, person’s call log, his browsing data, and important notes, etc. The app is very friendly with many interactive features and has many good reviews.

 5- XNSPY      

This is an easy and reliable hacking app software for iOS devices. As the company utilizes customer reviews to improve the design of the app. This is an easy-to-use app and anyone will not feel suspicious of activities on the phone. The app is an all-in-one package for all hacking solutions. The app can be used as a device remote control from a distance location. Also, you can find the exact location of the phone through GPS tracking and can browse through the user’s browser history. It can also be used to tape the calls on the phone and to trace all the emails on the phone.      

6- Zanti

This is also one of the best and reliable hacking apps for iOS devices and provides an automated network map through random network scanning. It helps to detect all the vulnerabilities of the target. This app is also used by ethical hackers to find all the vulnerabilities of the given network. These vulnerabilities in the corporate devices may be between mobile devices or websites. It is a good app as it tests many kinds of attack patterns and also the tests are performed in-depth.

7- WLAN Audit

This is another app for cracking the wifi password. Through this app, you can easily crack the wifi password. If the wifi default password is not reset by the owner of the router. As wifi has become an important part of our life and we are surrounded by these networks. Those are secured by the password and by many other ways. This app will help you to crack the password of the wifi that is secured by the WPA or WPA2 protection.  

8- cSpoilt

The cSpoilt is another one of the best hacking apps for iOS devices. It is a very useful app for android phone hackers and the app can perform many types of system hacks. The app can also be used for network mapping through random network scanning and checking the vulnerability of the system. Also, you can use the app as an all-around hacking solution for cracking wifi passwords and for man-in-middle attacks. This app can also be used to catalog the local hosts and identify their vulnerabilities. This helps the hackers to find excess vulnerabilities and get control of the targeted system.

9- Droidbox

This app can be used as a hacking app for iOS devices and for hacking an android game. The tool is also used by ethical hackers for generating hashes to analyze the device. It can also help to track the data input-output and read or write the files. This app also has some of the more premium benefits like the excess permission for circumvention.      


The following article contains all the relevant information about the best hacking apps for iOS devices. Also includes the features that the app offers to the users, as hacking the phone sounds to be very beneficial. As hacking can allow you to fully customize your iOS device. Also, hacking can help you to have full control over the content that your youngsters are seeing. We wish that all this information will help you in finding the best hacking app for your iOS device. 

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