How High-Tech Solutions Help Find Your Lost Keys

How High-Tech Solutions Help Find Your Lost Keys


It is almost impossible to find anyone who has never lost their keys. The worst-case scenario is losing them at the time of an emergency. All hell breaks loose when you do, and sadly there is no alternative other than your luck, until recently. With the invention of key finder, this, too, is no longer an issue.

Many traditional, time-tested methods allow you to find your keys instantly.

The worst thing about losing your keys is that you also lose quite a lot of time trying to find them. Sometimes, you may have to pay parking tickets due to this mishap. Lost keys have also resulted in delayed appointments.

Keeping this problem in mind, several tech-savvy companies have come up with their unique solutions to help you find your lost keys.

Some of them are listed below:

Bluetooth Key Finders

The Bluetooth key finder is a high tech gadget that uses Bluetooth tracking to its advantage. High Tech companies have brought this latest innovation to use by incorporating Bluetooth functions for the purpose of helping helpless people find their keys and other valuable items.

One of its advantages is that it is not very heavy in terms of weight, which allows you to take it around wherever you are going.

The usage is very simple. The user needs their smartphone for the purpose of locating the lost keys. The gadget will respond with a loud tune so that you can get to the key without any difficulty.

Bluetooth Key Finders can easily stick to the cell phone by using an adhesive. You need to put in little effort for the purpose of activating the ringing sound, and find out where your keys are.

There is another benefit of using this high tech device. If the device gets out of range, it will analyze its location history in order to provide you with a good idea where it was last available until it was lost.

Another benefit of the Bluetooth Key Finder is that it has a very active community of users. A member has the ability to report a lost item on the application. If one of the community members comes to know about its location, they can share the location with you so that you can easily find it.

The device is rechargeable and can work for almost a year without the need to recharge it. This leaves the user without the worry of recharging the device often. The device does not need any maintenance, either.

Wireless Transmitter Key Finders

Wireless remotes present a convenient way of keeping track of your keys when they are lost. It does not only work for keys, but also your wallet, and other items that you seem to lose all the time.

The wireless transmitter device has different colors that correspond to separate key finders. The frequency range of the transmitter is around thirty meters. The best thing about this transmitter is that it can operate through concrete walls, iron doors, and just about any material that lies between the device and the lost items.

When the user presses the button, the lights on the corresponding device start blinking. Simultaneously, a loud beep also starts sounding, allowing the person to reach the keys within no time.

The remote also provides powerful LED lights, which helps the user find their way in the dark if the lost possession is found outside the house.

The Loud Key Finders

Some users are worried that the small-sized Bluetooth and wireless key finders do not offer loud enough responses even when they have found your keys. For all such users, there are loud key finders available in the market. These devices are not small in size when compared to their Bluetooth and wireless counterparts. Users are able to attach these key finders to their keys.

The device works in pairs, and the ringer is attached to the keys. Moreover, the size and shape of the device resemble that of a USB. One device can call the other device when needed within a range of about 300 feet.

When you call the other device with the help of the one in your possession, it responds with a very loud screeching sound, immediately letting you know the location of your keys. It does not matter if your keys are buried under the mattress or lying deep inside the cushions of your sofa set. The battery installed within these devices can work for a year and a half. They are also very easily replaceable.

This high-tech product has a long life since it is encased in an unbreakable case made from polycarbonate. Most companies offer these devices with a 2-year warranty.

The Click ‘n Dig Device

These high tech key finders are available with four receivers and a single transmitter. This allows you to use it for more than one purpose.

You can also attach the receiver to your laptops, palmtops, and other devices that are small in size and, thus, get lost often.

When you need to find one of those lost items, you need to press the button corresponding to the item on which you have attached the receiver.

The frequency is able to penetrate through concrete walls, as well as other household objects. Once the frequency waves reach the object, it triggers a response in the form of flashing light and loud and easily audible beeping sound.

The device is very durable and does not crack or break inside the user’s pockets. It can also be taken inside a backpack for easy carrying.

Features of a useful High Tech Key Finder

Audible Sounds

Most of the high tech key finders come with an audible siren or beep that allows users to locate the item within no time.


This feature can be found in some of the key finders besides the audio response. In some devices, there is a facility where the user can turn on the sound and use the flashlight only.

Digital Leash

A few High tech key finders offer this feature. When the key gets out of range of your device or cell phone, the responder automatically starts beeping, letting you know that you have gone too far from your keys.

The Final Word

The best solution available to you is not to lose your keys in the first place. Reserve a place inside your house where you make a habit of putting your keys as soon as you enter the house.

If you are unable to form this habit, you can still rely on all the high tech solutions that are made available through several companies.

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