How to Hire the First Employee for Your Start-up?


We live in an era where a small business model with persistent business aspirations metamorphoses into a large scale business. These companies, at their embryonic stage, are called start-ups. While a start-up has big dreams, it generally has a lower capital.

A constant struggle at start-up businesses is to hire the right people. They do not have the big capacity to hire full-fledged human resources to verify and hire the right talent. To hire someone whose personal aspirations are in tandem with the small business, you need to have the right approach.

Hiring Risks with Start-Ups

Let’s admit it, there is a worldwide employment slowdown and people pounce at any job opportunity. When it comes to start-ups, it’s a common notion that everything will work. Below are some tricks that you need to keep in mind for hiring the first employee for your start-up:

Background Check

Can you be certain that the person you are intending to hire is being honest with you? Are you certain that everything that is claimed on the resume is true? Well, most organizations undergo a very extensive background check for prospective employees. 

Being a start-up, you might not even have a full-fledged human resource, but you must not back down on background search. There are background check platforms such as CocoFinder that will get you complete details about someone. 

There is a common popular perception that start-ups are the easiest to get into. They don’t have the resource or background check facility. Even people with a dubious past think they can falsely depict someone they are not and get the job. 

The ease and conveyance that impostors feel in applying for a job at a start-up are scary. This is why start-ups can try CocoFinder’s background check for employment and be aware. It is cheaper and convenient than even employing a background check firm. 

How to Hire the First Employee for Your Start-up

What is CocoFinder?

CocoFinder is a web-based platform that allows for multi-faceted lookup services. Even if all you have is someone’s resume, you can get extensive information about their past and present. The web-based application is being used around the world to check upon people being hired.

There are many ways in which CocoFinder is best suited for a background check, especially in a start-up. Even if you do not have a human resource department in your start-up, you can still check upon the applications holistically.


One thing that start-ups don’t have enough of is capital. While they try to cut costs every possible way, CocoFinder proves to be an extremely economical solution. You do not have to spend a lot of bucks in background check agencies for the same reason.

With CocoFinder, you do not have too long or root for any long-term subscription. You might not always need to do a background check. This is why you can use CocoFinder on a need-basis, i.e. whenever there is a need for a background check.

Multiple ways of Background Check

There are a plethora of ways through which you can check a prospective employee’s background through CocoFinder. It does not narrow down the solutions but enhances the ways:

Check Background from Name

You can check someone’s background check based on their name on the resume. You can visit the web page and head on to the people search column for your search. If you have more details, you can enter that as well.

How to Hire the First Employee for Your Start-up

Check Background from Phone Number

Phone numbers are distinct telecommunication IDs that are unique to every individual. If you have someone’s phone number, you can use the same to check someone’s background. CocoFinder will then browse through its vast database of public resources and extract the data in accordance. 

Check Background from Email

Email is a person’s digital identity, just like phone numbers are someone’s telecommunication IDs.  A lot of people provide their email IDs at multiple sources. So, to check someone’s ID through email, you can run their email online on CocoFinder.

How to Hire the First Employee for Your Start-up

100% Authentic Information

When you’re basing the decision of hiring or letting go of someone’s employment application, the results need to be accurate. This is the kind of confidence you can attain with CocoFinder as the results are 100% authentic and reliable. 

Quick Results

One thing about startups is that they are always in a commotion. When you work on the go, you have very little time to invest in any sort of background check data. If the wait time in data extraction is too long, it defeats the purpose of valuing your own time.

CocoFinder is prompt and quick in its result generation. You will get immediate results from your background check. You will immediately know whether the credentials claimed by an individual are correct or they are lying.

Large Database

CocoFinder has a massive database of public resources, and all are verified and authentic channels. You can rely upon the data received from such sources as it has to be accurate. You can base your decisions on such data as it is going to be accurate. 

With CocoFinder, you can derive the below-mentioned data:

  • You can check whether the person under question has a criminal record
  • You can check the past employment history of such an individual
  • You can check the career and experience claimed by such a person
  • You can check whether the phone number and the email provided by such person is their own
  • You can also check whether the concerned person is an alumnus of the elite Institute or college


As a Start-up, you have to try CocoFinder’s background check for employment to hire the right people. The risks associated with hiring the wrong person are very many. You cannot use the already limited resources and capital in hiring and training the wrong person.

It is web-based applications such as CocoFinder that provide just the right kind of data needed. You cannot elude the risks of hiring the wrong person, but you can combat that with the right resource. 

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