MilesWeb Review: Unlimited Hosting for Unlimited Needs of Your Website

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Do you shop online? Silly question right? Almost all of us have started shopping online rather than going for window shopping. Why so? because it saves your time and money too

.While shopping online, you just have to open the online shopping app or website, go through the things that you want to shop. You also, get discount on various things that you shop. It means you don’t have to go out in different shops and get your desired thing. 

Due to this, the online businesses are earning good profit as compared to the brick-and-mortar stores. This is the reason for businesses opting for their online platforms. Millions of websites are being built every day. Even web developers and designers have benefited a lot. 

While shopping online, you sometimes come across unlimited offers. This helps you to shop for unlimited products. Similarly, when you host a website you get unlimited features with unlimited web hosting.

Unlimited hosting allows you to take the advantage of unlimited resources. Web hosts offer you unlimited resources such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites to host, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and unlimited email accounts.

There is a leading web hosting provider of Australia, MilesWeb that offers unlimited web hosting to their clients.

Introduction to MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the leading cheap web hosting providers of Australia and serving their web hosting plans since 2012. Being an independent company, they are well-known for their outstanding services and customer support globally.

So if are looking for a reliable web host, MilesWeb is the solution for you.

You get the best uptime of 99.95% and great customer service with them. MilesWeb offers multiple features to offer the superior performance such as built-in page caching, SSDs, Cloudflare CDN with Railgun, etc. Are you a newbie to web hosting or wantto change your current web host? Consider MilesWeb for your web hosting needs. 

So, let’s check if MilesWeb is a good choice for web hosting.

Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

Why Should You SelectMilesWeb’s Unlimited Web Hosting?

Are you ensure about the services by MilesWeb for your web hosting needs? The below benefits will help you in knowing, if they are best for you.

Lightning-Fast Speed

You get the best features for increasing the speed and performance of your website. 

Their unlimited web hosting plans include features such as built in xCache, page caching,OpCache and APC. With caching, the web pages of your website get served instantly when visitors browse your website.

The Cloudflare CDN with Railgun helps in loading your web pages quickly from the closestdatacenterfor the visitors.

They also offer SSD drives that make use of flash technology for boosting your website’s performance and offering 200% better performance in comparison to HDD drives.

Unbeatable Customer Support

Their friendly customer support helps in web hosting as you might need to take the help from your web host if any technical issue arises on the server and your website faces issue. 

You will find their technical support team available 24/7 to help their customers when in trouble. Customers can contact them via live chat and email. They help in resolving your issues as well as recommend you tips to improve your website performance.

Furthermore, they are experts in providing solutions to common technical issues you might face on your website. 

They also have a video tutorial platform that offers step-by-step guidance with screenshots for queries occurring on your website.  

You can find video tutorials here:

Great Security with SSL Certificate

They offer a free SSL certificate with all their web hosting plans. You can keep your visitors’ data safe with SSL and the grey padlock on your website due to SSL installation helps in growing their trust on your website. It also helps in boosting your website ranking in Google. 

Development Tools for Easy Management

You can get all the content management systems and other applications installed on your website. The one-click installer, Softaculoushelps in installing your favourite applications easy in just few minutes. They offer more than 400 applications to you.

Also, you get a free website builder tool that helps you in building your website without the expertise of website development. Simply select a template and place the elements by dragging and dropping into it, and launch your website.

Get Free Site Migration

Are you tired of your current web host service? Is it continuously putting you in trouble?MilesWeb is always available for you to migrate your website to them. You need to inform them about your convenient time for migration and they will migrate your website at that particular time. They take care of all your data on their servers and ensure there is no downtime till migration is done.

Best Uptime

Get the best uptime in the industry with MilesWeb. You get guaranteed uptime of 99.95% with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters.

Other Key Features

  • Free Domain Registration
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Secure Email Accounts
  • Instant Account Setup
  • Latest PHP & MySQL
  • Datacenter Choice
  • Malware Scan and Removal

The Verdict

MilesWeb is popular for service, support, uptime as well as reliability. So, if you want to take the advantage of unlimited resources for your website, you can any time switch to MilesWeb’s unlimited web hosting. 

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