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Top-10 Tips for Modern Warfare


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available, and if you’re like us, you’re preparing to spend the whole weekend immersed in the latest entry of the Call of Duty® franchise.

As a Tier One Operator, development is always potential, whether you participate in Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer Alpha and Beta stages or are just getting started. We’ve researched this game to provide you with as much information as possible so that you may master Modern Warfare and Battlelog. 

We’ve got Modern Warfare suggestions for you, whether you’re tackling the campaign on veterans or seeking to increase your K.D. ratio online. Call of Duty Modern Modern Warfare introduces game modes, new weapons, tactics, and more. So we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 key Modern Warfare tips for you to consider before diving into the newest Call of Duty adventure.

Play the Campaign and Special Ops

While we understand that many players prefer Multiplayer, the Campaigns and Special Ops modes may teach you a lot about Modern Warfare. Experiencing these modes may provide you with some more practice with the game’s basic concepts versus A.I. rivals, whose intensity can be tweaked to provide a challenge for players of all levels of skill.

Open up those Options 

The default settings are a terrific place to start for any newbie, but they aren’t the only way to play the game. Whether it’s experimenting with new intensity settings and controller layouts or fine-tuning graphical options to your liking, the modifications you make before entering battle could be the most important step in enhancing your game.

Know your Loadout

 Long-range sharpshooting with a gun may not be possible, and striking a target with a sniper rifle without the use of down sights can be challenging. Even when the stakes are high in warfare, remember your loadout’s advantages and limitations.

Think like a Tier One Operator

The smartest Modern Warfare gamers understand the importance of staying alive and taking measured risks. Reckless fatalities may allow the opponent to gain an advantage, so it’s best to take a systematic approach and weigh all choices before charging into battle.

If there is an objective, consider playing around with it

You’re more certain to get into encounters and win games when practising objective-based game variants if you concentrate on the mission at hand. However, the possible experience obtained for conquering objectives and the numerous challenges centred around winning games make the task worthwhile to play. 

Take the drive to Enlisted Rank 55

You’ll be restricted to the basic loadouts, a couple of Killstreaks, and two Field Upgrades when you initially begin Multiplayer. Although, as you progress through the game and acquire skill with both your Operator and weaponry, you’ll be able to design loadouts and other aspects of your playing style. Once you reach Enlisted Rank 55, keep ranking up until you get access to the whole armoury.

Experimentation could equal success

Are you scared to experiment with different weapons, Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, and even connections? What are the opportunities? Getting out of your comfort zone can help you improve your game and achieve a winning run.

Be a snake in the grass

The tall grasses in Modern Warfare are built for a purpose: stealthy, low-cost kill farming. So stoop, lie down, or crawl around, but whatever you do, keep your head down and let the grass take care of the rest. Tallgrass, much like in reality, provides superb camouflage and virtually guarantees that most players will pass you by without giving you a second thought. This means that you, the aspiring foliage camper, can kill many people just by killing them in the rear as they run by you. 

Communication is key 

Tier One Operators refers to a group of people. The greatest in the field is dependent on their teammates to complete the mission. Clear and effective communication may go a long way in warfare, whether you’re playing Multiplayer with friends or making new ones in the community.

Intel is power, both in-game and out

Knowing the game and its logic or having a high “COD IQ,” can help you win online battles against other community members. Don’t forget to explore the Activision Games Blog frequently for a range of recommendations that can help you improve your COD IQ, ranging from fundamental mobility techniques to map and mode-specific tactics.

The most important piece of advice we can give is to have fun! After all, it’s just a game. Play with your friends, don’t worry about the harsh losses. Just enjoy!


Call of Duty Modern Modern Warfare introduces new weapons, techniques, game modes; each one requires a certain set of skills, with some requiring all of these skills simultaneously. You’ll be a more well-rounded gamer once you’ve mastered the complexities of all modes with the top 10 tips mentioned. We’ll catch up with you online; till then, stay chill.

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