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Turn On Apple TV by Troubleshooting


If you are sitting down to watch Apple TV but it won’t turn on then that feeling is worst than ever. If your apple device also suffers from the same problem then you have to follow the following steps to turn it on.

There are certain reasons for Apple Device not turning on like cables, power and connections. These problems are easy to fix and certain steps that help you fix the device.

The troubleshooting of the apple device can be done by firstly locating the indicator. This indicator is located at the front of the LED. The LED is on when your device is working properly but if the LED doesn’t Turn On then you are facing a certain issue.

Steps to Troubleshoot the Apple Device:-

Following are the basic steps of troubleshooting an Apple Device:-

Restart The Apple TV:-

If you are facing any issue while turning on your device firstly you have to restart the TV by unplugging it and then wait for 5 seconds for plugging it again. A restart of Apple Tv can fix the problem and resolve any issue related to the Apple device. 

Reseat the HDMI cable:-

To reseat the HDMI cable, remove the HDMI cable from the Apple device and the LED. After 4-5 seconds plug both the ends back on the device. This procedure resets your network again and you can watch your TV with no difficulty. 

If you are still facing the problem you need to take the help of the technician because maybe the problem is with the internal machinery and not with the network. Sometimes the HDMI cable defected or breaks from somewhere which is responsible for network breakage. In that case, you need to change the HDMI cable.

HDMI Input:-

If you are facing an issue with the Apple TV and it won’t turn on you need to check the HDMI input. You need to check if the HDMI is in the correct input or not. If the HDMI input is incorrect to need to select the correct HDMI input and your Apple TV works. If your Apple TV has multiple inputs of HDMI then you need to select the HDMI 1 or Input 1.

Restore the Apple TV Software:-

When the Apple TV status indicates the flashlight for more than a minute then your Apple device is facing a network issue. For that, you need to connect your device again or restart your wifi. Sometimes the device is facing a software problem and this problem is restored by your PC or Mac.  

There is a certain amount of Troubleshooting for the Apple TV that can perform by sitting at home. If by doing all the above troubleshooting Apple device doesn’t work you need to call the Apple Support Number and take your TV to the nearest Service centre.


The above article helps you to know the various troubleshooting ways of Apple TV and resolve them at home. If these troubleshooting ideas didn’t work you need to call on the Apple support system and ask them for help.

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