Complete Guidelines to Create Events on Facebook

Complete Guidelines To Create Events on Facebook


Perhaps you would not know, how many people use Facebook on a daily basis. And how many Facebook events create in a month 1.59  billion people users use Facebook each day and 700 million people create Events on Facebook in a month. Here I provide a complete guide, how can you create a facebook event in your  Facebook account. Event advertisement on Facebook begins the moment you make your Facebook Event. But If you want to create the best facebook event. You need to 5 things to keep in your mind creating a Facebook event. and want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook customer service.

Some important things are necessary before creating facebook events.

To create events on Facebook you can select  1920*1080 pixel cover photo.

During the creating of Events, you need to keep in mind that event cover photo will look in various formats beyond Facebook, on both mobile and desktop. One 16:9 rate will look much at any size, without creating your photo to resemble cut off or incomplete. It’s more essential to keep an image with little or no text so it’s easy to assume at a glance. If you choose to set up ads using your event photo, ads with more than 20% document won’t be accepted, so it’s good to think ahead now.

You need to select a short and simple name that specify your event

If you want to explain your event, and you want to tell about people. but the long name often gets cut off on a mobile experience. Events with long names usually receive fewer responses. You required to write the name in all capital letters or with lots of glyphs are often hard to read and feel less legitimate, which can also lead to lower engagement.

Be should properly mention about location, time and category so that Facebook can help to promote your events.

Choose the correct location, date- time and category also with tags enable Facebook to celebrate your event to people who live nearby and have similar benefits. Doing a location that matches with a Facebook page or Facebook-suggested location updates these credentials. Always keep in mind that you can not make an event that’s older than 2 weeks.  If you are building a recurring event, I recommend making separate Facebook events that each have their self-time and place for more finding offers.

If you keep in above necessary things that you can follow these step to creating facebook events on facebook.

There is two way of creating  Facebook events.

  • Private Events
  • Public Events
How can you create private Facebook Events on computer
  • To you can click the Event on the left menu.
  • After that click + Create Events on Facebook the left side.
  • Click Create Private Event on Facebook. Only requested customers will see your event. Once you’ve created a private event, you won’t be capable to convert it to the public next.
  • After that Fill up all event detail name, location, date, time and description.
  • Tick Create. You’ll be carried to your event where you can request guests, upload photos, add a cover photo or video, serving posts and update event details.

How will you create a public event on a computer?

If you want to create public Events on your computer,  It is very simple. You can follow the same procedure to create a private event but only you can click Create Public Event. After that, you have to fill up your all details such as name, location, date, tags, etc.


I have explained completed information about how to create an event on Facebook. The event is a good way to promote your business or facebook page. And Event is a special feature of Facebook that especially useful for creating events.

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