CashCrate – Real or Fake


cashcrate was developed in 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Cashcrate is getting paid to websites where people make money in many ways. This is an online cash-making website where the users make money simply by watching videos, taking online survey radio lightning, task- completing, and many more options to create cash. GPT is a short name for cashcrate website  GPT means Getting Paid To. cashcrate is a site where people make money easily by doing things that are mentioned above. cashcrate also includes shopping and referring to other people.


Yes, sure the cashcrate website is one hundred percent legal, it is not any scam. Cashcrate website is the full legal and law-based rewarding website. The cashcrate website has some fundamental concepts to know about your learning goals.  It is faster to hit the earning goal in cash crate than most other online options.  The way to do this is to always keep on your mind and take action on time. You are advised to take all the survey and referral programs if you are taking all survey and referral programs in cashcrate. If you give more time to this website then you simply earn more Amount of Cash. Some users used to show the ads on his social media accounts.  This cashcrate company is a basic side income source to help you to earn more cash along with other money-making methods. 

Shut down cashcrate

Cashcrate website fully closed for some reason on 1 April 2019 But the cashcrate content is a method for how to earn money online. It is most important to remember that when the cash crate website closed down, most of the people that were not reached their minimum money withdrawal level, where the people were not able to withdraw their balance for final payment. It’s going to shut down. It is saying our few users are angry on this cash crate site and saying it is a full scam website. And the people calling this cashcrate site is a scam and doing scam with us.

 The cashcrate website at the present collects the commission from the referral of its most important users. If you have seen the cashcrate website you notice that the website has a proper privacy policy.  Therefore several people and their review is recommended to not use the cash crate account. 

How cashcrate make money

According to the people review, people can make money as to how much they want to make,  it depends on you how much time is given to you on the cash crate website. You have to attend more and more surveys to make money on the cash crate website.

How people make money with cashcrate 

 Here are a few ways to make money on a cashcrate site.

  1. Surveys
  2. Offers 
  3. Shopping
  4. Referrals
  5. Video watching.

1 . surveys:

Taking surveys is very simple and very popular. There is a huge number of survey sites for taking the survey or making the money in the cash crate. This is very simple to take and complete the surveys. You have to be careful the cash crate site is not providing the survey sites but they are offering these sites in the interest of other companies.

2. Offers

Offers are the first method that the people can make money on the cash crate, offer is two types one is free and no pay second one is paid.  These offers are provided by the other companies.

3. Shopping

Shopping is also a method to make money on cash crate. You have to shop on a certain e-commerce website.

4. Referral

This is one of the best methods for making extra cash. The Referral system is basically two types: first is you get paid 20% of earnings, second you get 10% of earnings.

5. Video watching

Video watching is also a way of creating cash on a cash crate. Basically in this method, you have to watch videos on sites on the internet. You watch a video then you get paid.

The above-mentioned cash crate was a legal reward-providing site and it was not a scam but it is no longer in the market.

According to the cash crate review, the company is not able to manage with the other company for providing a reward program. 

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