Setup Wizard On Android

Setup Wizard On Android


Are you confused about using the Setup Wizard on Android Phone,  and  you do not know What Setup Wizard On An Android Phone Is? So this article is all about Setup Wizard For Android phones. In this article , you will get a step-by-step guide for Setup Wizard For Android, additionally, I will  share the using method as well. It  is the platform and  it is a type of tool that  it is installed on your Android phone and allows you to manage your apps from one station. Setup Wizard comes with various features,  its major function enables users to restore their previous applications on a new device (phone). 

What is Setup Wizard On Android ?

Setup Wizard is a tool which is installed in this Android phone to help the user to manage the applications. It performs various functions. The primary purpose of the premium licensed setup wizard is to allow the user to restore previous applications on the new phone. It also enables the user to install a custom ROM.n a new phone. This is also enables the user to install a custom ROM.

Features Of  Setup Wizard

The feature of the setup wizard is that it helps the user to initialize the Android phone. The wizard can internalize the pre-installed apps and categorize them in a wizard way. There is a feature in the setup wizard that provides multiple profiles for different devices for premium users.

Setup Wizard is a great platform for your Android phone and removes barricades in many ways. However, it has some amazing features that make it so popular for Android devices. I’ve listed some of the distinctive features, and you can find them below.

  1. It  is allows users to restore previous apps on new Android phones. (Available in premium version)
  2. Using this tool, you can install a custom ROM on your Android device. (Available in premium version).
  3. It allows you to access one profile on multiple devices.
  4. Categorize and manage your installed apps into categories.
  5. This enables you to go through the initialization of an Android device.

How to run Android Setup Wizard

You have to follow a few procedures to run the setup wizard on your Android phone. To run the Android Setup Wizard, follow these steps:

  1. To get started, to set the default language, run the Android Setup Wizard. You have the option to change it by clicking on the “Change default language” icon. Once you click on this option, you have the option to change the default language yourself.
  2. The next thing that needs to be changed is hearing and vision; From here, you also have the option to change the font, but it is not mandatory.
  3. Go to “Accessibility” in “Settings”. From here, users can modify, review settings, such as font size and all.
  4. Once users are done with the above two steps, the next thing to do, on the Accessibility screen, tap “Start” and then tap “Next” for other settings.
  5. It’s time to connect to the “network”, but make sure you come up with a stable network. If you have a stable network, select the desired network, type the network password, and then tap the “Connect button.
  6. After entering the network password, you will see (EULA) “End User License Agreement”, read the agreement. I know this is a monotonous task that has to be done, but you should go to it to understand it better, now “tick” the “I understand” box.
  7. Another is reading consent to obtain diagnostic and usage data information. After going through it, you can press on “Yes” or “No thanks”. Press the Next button to access “Android Services and Apps”, here you must have a Gmail or Google account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, click “Get Account” to create a new one.
  8. After you login with your Gmail account, click the “checkbox” to set Google location preference, then tap Next.
  9. Now, this screen will come up with a message that says, “Whose phone is this .To personalize your phone, type your name, and click on the display arrow for further steps.
  10. If you’re using a Samsung Android device, you need to have a Samsung account and some Samsung apps. If you don’t have a Samsung account, don’t worry, you can always create a new one by clicking “Create Account”, however, if you already have one, tap “Sign-in” and enter login credentials.
  11. You will get an option on your screen to edit your name; That name can be used to identify your phone.
  12. Besides the name editor, you can also enable “Easy Mode” to make your phone’s user interface even easier, simpler and faster.
  13. The last option is to hit on the “Finish” button.

How to skip  the Google Setup Wizard

Since the Android operating system is a part of Google, users usually cannot leave it; However, if you have decided to skip it, Honeywell Provisioner can be helpful. Using Honeywell lets you skip the Google setup wizard. Before we get you through the process, keep in mind that this method only works on certain devices.

If your android phone with the mobility hardware of 75e android, ct 60 android, ct 50 android, cn 51 android, cn 75, eda 50, ck 75, and android 4.x, android 6.x, android 7. x operating system If enabled, only you can apply the following steps to quit the Google Setup Wizard.

  1. After recovering from device , open “DeviceConfig.xml” on the PC using EZConfig.
  2. Here you need to set the parameter to “0”. Once you do, you have the option to print the configuration barcode or download it from File 1.
  3. After the factory reset of your device, the Google Setup Wizard will be displayed on the screen.
  4. On this screen, save the “Deviceconfig.xml” to IPSM/Honeywell by scanning the barcode provided/continue to activate the settings.
  5. After saving the file, your phone will display “Desktop”.
  6. Once “Deviceconfig.xml” is saved in IPSM/Honeywell/Persist factory reset you will be able to quit the Google setup wizard.

Is Setup Wizard an Android Virus?

No, not at all. A setup wizard is a variant of the Android platform or tool that can come in handy in a number of ways. Using this, you can install custom ROMs on your device; In addition, it manages all your apps. It allows you to restore all your apps from the old Android phone to the new one.

How do I get to set up the wizard on Android?

This is not a big deal and the complete setup has already been shared above this post. Scroll up and find the answer.

How do I get rid of the setup wizard on Android?

It is very easy to remove the setup wizard from your Android phone; Press the left corner icon on the Home screen, select the page you want to delete, and then click OK to confirm it. 

How do I turn off the setup wizard on Android?

Try this – Go to Settings -> Applications -> Swipe up on the All tab, it will list all apps and services, scroll down to ‘Setup Wizard’, tab on it and close it. (disabling). 

Wrapping Up: 

Setup Wizard Android enables you to manage all your apps in one place; You can easily install ROM on your phone by using setup wizard android; However, you need a license for that. 

In this detailed article everything is explained about the same like what is setup wizard and what is setup wizard on Android phone? I hope this article was useful to you and provides enough information about wizard setup.

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