The Definitive Guide to Buy Drones for Various Purpose


You may have doubts about which drone to buy because you want a model to start using it. It could also be that you need one to help you in your work or that you are already an experienced pilot. In any case, if you have decided to take a step forward and buy yourself a professional drone, it is best to ask us for advice or look for information on the pages of the user communities. This definite guide to buy drones for various purpose will surely help you.

Guide to Buy Drones

Initiation drones

The drones’ initiation is medium size, because they are easier to handle than smaller ones. Many of them have a flight mode for beginners, so if you are, we believe that it will help you control it. In addition, they include a self-return button to retrieve them, they are marked to know where the head is at all times and they have buttons to do stunts. You explore many other advance feature with the constant use.

To make them more attractive, they are more prepared to fly outdoors, since they are larger and many have a camera to record video or take photos while flying. If you’re beginner and just looking for best drones to start your carrier in photography, then you best to find drones under $500 online. or you can also visit your local shop to review some best and affordable drones.

2020 professional drones

If you have accumulated many hours of flight and you are looking among the offer of professional drones, the choice will depend on the use you are going to give it and the service you are going to offer. Anyway, there are several factors that we recommend you take into account in that choice.

The first, that you know how to choose between a multi-rotor model, which will allow you to install different types of cameras depending on the job, or a fixed-wing drone, which offers you many hours of flight. With the latter you can make mapping of a very large terrain.

The type of camera is also very important, being able to choose between high-quality RGB, but with the limit of the human eye, a multispectral camera or a thermal imager for precision work or heat measurement.

Finally, you have the possibility of choosing a drone with simple GPS or equipped with an integrated GPS RTK that allows you to incorporate the data automatically, saving time and money.

Best drone for quality and price

To choose the best drone in relation to quality-price you can base yourself on various criteria, since there are high prices but with very good features and cheaper but very limited in terms of use.

Among the aspects that we value most is the duration of your battery; if it is less than 20 minutes it can be cumbersome to fly with your drone.

The resolution of the camera we also understand that it is important to capture quality images in flight. And finally, we will highlight the speed at which it is able to move to allow you to cover the greatest possible distance. There are many manufacturers, but some firms like DJI, Parrot or Yuneec offer you excellent options.

What drone did I buy for my job?

Buying one of the best-selling drones does not guarantee that it will be useful for your work. You have to value the service that it has to provide before choosing. If it is for industrial use, you have to make sure that it has a thermal imager to detect heat spots and to maintain facilities.

For its part, if it is for agricultural use you have to choose drones equipped with multispectral cameras that detect problems in crops, irrigation or other monitoring.

In security tasks you can choose drones with RGB cameras or with heat detectors to locate people, as well as drones created specifically for surveying if you dedicate yourself to construction.

As you can see, the answer we can give you to the question of which drone to buy is very wide, depending on the type of use you need to give it, the flight hours you plan and the budget you have. Have you flown many drones? What specific functions do you need?

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