How To Stream Airplay On Firestick


Airplay is a proprietary wireless communication protocol that is developed by Apple for wireless streaming between two devices. It is developed by Apple inc. that allow to stream audio, video, device screens, and photos between two devices. If you have Apple devices then Airplay is easily helpful for you. It helps you to share data from one Apple device to another Apple device. It is capable of the Apple device because it is designed for Apple devices. But it is not compatible with firestick however there is some third-party application that helps to stream airplay on Firesticks. We will guide you to stream airplay on firestick.

Features of Airplay

  • By using Airplay, you can transfer all types of files wirelessly between Apple devices to other devices with an enabled wi-fi service device.
  • You can watch the iPhone screen on the firestick device with the help of screen mirroring.
  • you can stream multimedia content, games, or any other applications to your connected FireStick device because Airplay is unrestricted.

Firestick device

A firestick device basically is a smart TV that is a full advanced version of the television that is also a digital media player. It is developed by Amazon. In a firestick device, you can stream high-quality audio or videos with the help of the internet.

The firestick device comes in two forms set-top box and HDMI plugged in. The firestick device is allowed to access local content and you can play video games on this device with remote control or another game controller. You can use this device with a remote or mobile. You can run a firestick device with the mobile and can play video or movies from mobile.

Downloading and Installing AirScreen to Firestick

Airscreen app is one of the best apps to mirror ios devices to firestick devices. It is the best method to mirroring the content from ios devices. For downloading the Airscreen app in your firestick device follow these steps :

  • First of all, turn your firestick device and connect with a secure internet connection.
  • After connecting to the internet navigate the search option on the screen.
  • In the search bar type AirScreen app with the help of the device’s remote and press enter.
  • Select the Airsceen app from the results and click the Get option and wait for application installation, it will be installed on your device.
  • When the installation is complete, now it is ready to use.

How to Use AirScreen to connect Airplay to FireStick?

  • After the installation of the Airsceen App opens the app on your firestick device.
  • iOS device and Firestick device connect both devices with the same wifi connection.
  • When you open the Airsceen app then it will search for nearly every ios device.
  • Do the same setting in your iOS device connect Airsreen for screen mirroring.
  • In the iOS device open the control center and click on the screen sharing option.
  • In the firestick device tap to screen mirroring option.
  • Now your iOS device is connected to a firestick device for screen mirroring.
  • Now you can share the screen on your firestick device from your apple device.
  • Now with the help of the Airscreen app Airplay is connected to the Firestick, Now it is ready for streaming.

How To Stream Airplay on firestick?

To stream Airplay on Firestick device, You need to connect the iOS device and firestick device to the same wifi network for mirroring. For mirroring this device follow the above steps and if you completed those steps that mean you are ready to stream. Streaming is a big data transfer process then make sure your device connects with the secure and unlimited data use a network other wise streaming can be a pause or can cancel also.

Streaming process

Streaming is specially designed the transfer high-quality movies or videos from one device to another device. This process consumes too much data during the streaming. You can stream HD quality videos and movies with the help of the streaming process on firestck.

If you want to see movies or videos on the big screen then you can do it if you have an iOS device and firestick device both connect both devices with the help of the Airsceen app.

After connecting both devices with the Airscreen app then open both devices and choose the file in the iOS device that you want to run on the firestick device and just tap on the movies or videos it will be run on the firestick device.

This is the complete process to stream Airplay on a firestick device. If you want to stop or cancel the streaming then the tap on stop streaming will stop your streaming on the firestick device.

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