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Five tips for winning in Call of Duty: Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone is currently one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games that require players to fight for survival in a constantly shrinking map. Thanks to the fame of the COD franchise and the immersive experience that this game itself offers, it has quickly garnered a large player base. If you are new to Warzone, you might find it quite challenging to win. With plenty of highly experienced and skilled players playing this game, it has become highly competitive. Here are five valuable tips that would help you secure wins in Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Tips to Win Call of Duty Warzone

  1. Ready your loadout

While you may collect weapons and gear on the map, it’s not really something you can always rely on. In case you cannot find any good loot, you would quickly find yourself outgunned. Purchasing items from the shop and building your own custom loadout would be worth it. Try to earn $10K as fast as possible and purchase a loadout drop from the nearest buying station. However, it would be even helpful if you are able to gather $20K to buy items like a gas mask, a self-revive, UAV, etc. 

Try and save multiple loadouts with different weapons, armors, and perks so that you can quickly switch them around to tackle different situations. Always set up your loadout before entering the match and gather more ammo and armor satchels as the game progresses. 

  1. Improve your shooting skills

Needless to say, your accuracy is one of your most valuable skills in this game. The quickly you can kill your enemies, the higher are your chances of victory. Quite essentially, you would need a lot of practice to improve your shooting skills. Unless you are an experienced player with excellent accuracy, it is best not to start shooting at an enemy if you aren’t sure you can eliminate him.

This is, however, one way to get around this challenge. Certain Call of Duty: Warzone hacks come with features like AI headshots, aimbots, and no-recoil. These cheats and hacks can help you shoot more accurately than many veteran players. Other hacks like radar hack, wallhack, and ESP can come in handy too. 

  1. Play strategically

Regardless of whether you are playing solo or with a squad, it is crucial to make and implement strategies. To win Warzone, you need more than just great combat skills. For instance, choose your landing spot carefully while dropping down on the map. You might want to aim for the edges of the map if you prefer to start in a less populated area. Certain parts of the map also offer various contracts, which are a good way to earn extra cash. 

While heading towards the center of the map, avoid running straight at it. Stick close to the gas and move inwards in a spiral route by running along the edges of the zone. In this case, the gas would act as a shield on one side. You would not have to worry about any enemies coming up from that direction and shooting you. 

  1. Do not ignore the contracts

Always try to accept and finish the contracts you find, if possible. Contracts can help you gain more weapons, gear, and money relatively fast. Moreover, certain contracts can also give you valuable information. For instance, a bounty contract requires you to track down a player and can offer you intel on the general location of your target’s squad. The recon contracts would help you discover the next circle’s location early. 

In the early game, you could also accept scavenger contracts, and you would be collecting loot anyway and can finish the contracts easily. If you are playing with a squad, do discuss with your teammates before you accept a contract. This would help you avoid a scenario where you find yourself stuck with an inconvenient contract for the squad.  

  1. Be a team player

Last but not least, be a team player if you are playing with one. Know the loadouts of your teammates so that you can fight more strategically. Constantly share information on what you are doing or seeing for better coordination. If you cannot use a microphone, at least use the built-in ping system to call out. While speaking, try to use shorter commands to pass information faster. 

One of the critical things to remember as a team player is not running after loot, leaving your squad behind. Let them know immediately if something prevents you from sticking close to them. It would also be smart to play with a group of friends with whom you can play together often. 


Playing with a team of players who play the game a lot would also help you learn various tactics from them. As you progress and gather more experience, your chances of winning would start to rise. 

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