7 Best Free Screensaver Apps for Android Phones and Tablets


We know that smartphones have a vast range of applications that come to exist in endless categories. If you are the kind of person who likes to have a new fresh look on your phone screen then here are some coolest options to hover over. Many android smartphone companies do not have their screensaver apps but thanks to Google play, some amazing screensaver apps come in handy. The best feature about this app is that they have a wide range of collections and is too free. Whether it’s 2D countryside pictures or 3D aquamarine look, celebrity singer, or its WWE champions, you will be amazed to explore the variety in categories. Some of the best Free Screensaver Apps for Android are listed below:

3D My Name Live Wallpaper

  • Merits: This 3D app is sober, simple, and creative. It is a stack of 3D cubes and you can easily customize the text on it and make it run on your home screen or lock screen. You can also change the theme and background the way you want. You can also arrange the cubes creatively by your choice. Hence it is very engaging and interactive in that sense.
  • Demerits: Limited cube options, Not very colorful, and has a serious look to it.


Required Android version: 4.2 and above

Space needed: 6.4 MB 


If fairies, mermaids, and magical worlds fascinate you then these colorful glittery images are tailored for your taste. Now make your android screens sparkle with your favorite glitter color. With this app you can have access to all kinds of shades, shimmering all through your phone screen and yet quite sophisticated in look. Get violet crystals, dazzling rainbow, glistering golden, and twinkling aqua are some of the coolest colors that are most appealing.

  • Merits: Whether you use it in wallpapers or screensavers, these 3D glitz images are one of a kind. The parallax effect is the best feature in these 3D images. Just move your phone to different angles, it will display the sparkling effect from all the corners. 
  • Demerits: Limited wallpaper and screensaver options and also contain in-purchase Ads.


Required Android version: 4.2 and above

Space needed: 5.2 MB 

Live Wallpapers – 4K Wallpapers

You may come across numerous wallpapers but the one with HD resolution is hard to miss. The HD images never fail to catch your eye, it offers a more realistic look and wider view to look upon. This 4K wallpaper app allows you to hover over some amazing resolution options and 30+ categories to choose from. You can set these images as your wallpapers and screensavers without paying off a single penny. Here you have HD LIVE images, 4K images, STATIC HD images, and other varieties to customize your screen. Its resolution is optimized to 2160* 3840-pixel resolution.

  • Merits: It is automatically set as “FIT TO SCREEN”. Just double-tap over the image and set your favorite 4K and HD look. It is free to use, with low Ads and no login required. Such a hassle-free, quick home screen and screen saver app, is a catch for sure. 
  • Demerits: Free download of live and static wallpapers are not permitted.


Required Android version: 4.2 version and above

Space needed: 5 MB

W.engine – Live Wallpapers And Screensavers

The wallop engine wallpapers and screen savers are the trendsetters for today’s generation. It has some fresh and innovative collections that will make you dive into its images. Rather than giving a variety in landscapes and celebrities, this app has customized the options according to the look and effect the picture is portraying. Mechanic looks, technical look, soft and tender look, adventure look, a single element look, cosmos look, and many more. A mechanic may show the blueprint of circuitry, or a metallic and rugged interface look. A technical look revolves around digits, application coding, graphic charts, or AI robot whereas, a Soft and tender look is more about your emotions and feelings like a kitten, a red heart, some beautiful flowers, or colored marbles. Adventure look will take you to visit some of the best-made photography of caves, hanging bridges, valleys, aircraft, and spacecraft views and single element look has the standing guitar or a blowing hat, A shady tree or falling raindrops, the specific elements that you like.

  • Merits: It incorporates ringtones and notification sounds and you have options to go for easy change of wallpapers and screensavers from time to time.
  • Demerits: You need to watch Video Ads to unlock images and to access premium versions. The navigation is not that user-friendly. One may face trouble accessing the images amidst in-purchase Ads though they are all free of cost.


Required Android version: 5.0 and above

Space needed: 10 MB

Zedgetm Wallpapers, Screensavers, And Ringtones

One of the most loved wallpaper and screensaver apps over the Play store is ZEDGE. Its popularity has made it the most downloaded app over the internet with 300M downloads. With this app, it is just a cakewalk to download the static and live wallpapers as home screen and lock screen. You get HD and 4k resolution and free live wallpapers and stickers for your android. With endless categories in the display, you can also give a personalized look to your screen by layering filters and stickers over the base image.

  • Merit: Easy to access, user-friendly navigation are the reasons that make it the popular one. You can also mark favorites and download them but login is required to avail of the facility. Great app with minimal storage space used. 
  • Demerit: Ads can be disturbing if you don’t have the paid version. You need to watch the Ads to unlock your favorite stuff.


Required Android version: The app has different versions that vary with phone

Space needed: 20.8 MB

Galaxy Live Wallpapers 

This app is perfect for the ones who want to see the cosmos and galaxy on their phone screens. This app has a jaw-dropping image for the galaxy that incorporates other celestial objects like comets, supernovas, nebula, and asteroids. This stunning image is  3D and live. The look that it adds to your lock screen or home screen is ethereal. As if all this live, 3D stuff is not sufficient, it also adds zoom-in and zoom-out features to its display. Displayed from different angles, the depth of the black holes and the amazing views of the widespread twinkling stars are eye-catching. 

  • Merits: With 3D live image and added sound effects it stands out the most. It simply adds a cherry on the cake with the zoom in and out feature. The LIVE look makes you feel as if you are surrounded by the celestial bodies free-spiritedly.
  • Demerits: No other wallpaper and sound options are available. Ads are the annoying elements that prevent one from smooth navigation. 


Required Android version: 4.2 and above

Space needed: 6.4MB

Wallrox Wallpapers

Do you have the habit of changing wallpapers now and then and yet prefer, wallpapers that look classy and unique? The Wallrox app has the right collection of wallpapers for you. It comprises various texture gradients based on color density, lighting effect, spectral distribution, symmetric patterns, the amalgamation of hues, and lens effect.

It has a wide collection of various kinds of wallpapers that offers different color bending, black and white images, different forms of the gradient fill, and geometric patterns. It has a stock of 500+ images of 2048*1080 pixels resolution that will simply feed your appetite for new wallpapers every single day.

  • Merits: Easy to use wallpapers, grouped under different categories. The large volume of wallpapers helps you to change the wallpaper for your home screen and lock screen every now and then. 
  • Demerit: These wallpapers have no stand-out negative points.   


Required Android version: 5.0 and above

Space needed: 10MB


Different wallpaper apps are found on the Android play store but we are most comfortable with the apps that offer free and easy use wallpapers. We want variety, ease of navigation, easily downloadable and less storage space-occupying applications. These are all those listed apps that make our lock screens and home screens look stunning in minutes. If one is a cosmos lover then Galaxy live wallpaper can suit him best but a person who enjoys changing wallpaper every day must give Wallrox wallpapers a try. W.engine wallpapers are for those who cherish customized wallpapers, distinctively categorized according to one’s choice. Glitter wallpapers are for those who love to paint their screens with sparklers and glitters. These lavish wallpapers are designed to provide an eye-catching effect. However, if you count yourself as one of the 3D lovers, then you would love to download the Live wallpapers- 4K Wallpapers app. It has superb add-on features that make your wallpapers feel realistic and lively. These 3D live wallpapers with sound effects make it even more appealing and creative.

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