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Animation Apps For Android & IOS


The animation is used in all regions for making your images, videos, short films more presentable. The animation indicates leisure functions on tv and in cinemas, advertisements, presentations, and plenty of applications. All are restricted through the creativeness of the designer.

Top 5 animated Apps of Android and iOS:-

Following are the top five animated apps that are used for Android and iOS:-

  1. Animation Creator Hd Free
  2. StopMotion Recorder
  3. Animation Studio by Sean Brakefield
  4. LookSee Animator

1. Animation Creator Hd Free:-

Animation Creator lets you make your innovative abilities to existence together along with your device! Through easy and effective drawing tools, use the handy control framework. Animation Creator software is confined handiest with the aid of using your imagination! The give up end result will seem like a crucial animation with a high-frequency duplicate frame. 

Features of Animated Apps:-

Following are the features of Animated apps for android & iOS:-

  1. stepped forward brush, now with the brand new options;
  2. ink brush;
  3. choice handles now have the choice of drawing the line;
  4. import video from the camera;
  5. audio manager;
  6. brief soar to a frame;
  7. smooth navigation;
  8. the toolbars can stay open even as editing;
  9. viewing business enterprise animations from beginning to finish;
  10. the device of shade transparency.

2. StopMotion Recorder:-

It is one of the oldest technology for growing animation, used to these days withinside the cinema. The video in this era is acquired from time-lapse imaging of the subject. The technique of making one of these films is pretty easy however calls for from you an iron persistence and patience. But if you`ve been given an Apple device, all moves are decreased to at least one click, the entirety else will do the iPhone. 

 The interface is obvious and easy before everything glance. After beginning StopMotion Recorder the digital digicam lens opens, and beneath there’s the menu and the transfer to computerized mode. When this mode is set, you may pick out a body seize c program language period and 7 humorous skins for the digital digicam. When you set off guide mode withinside the settings there might be greater functions that are designed to feature comfort whilst shooting: the grid and shadow from the preceding body.

3. Animation Studio by Sean Brakefield:-

It is a superb application for developing animations on android. The application can export animation in AVI, FLV (Flash), MP4 (QuickTime), or WMV (Windows Media Player) formats; an infinite variety of layers may be used; import snapshots out of your gallery, digital digicam or from the clipboard. There are 8 sensible instruments, band scrolling, and more. Cut undesirable frames from a video. There is likewise a scroll bar. 

Animation Studio – flip your telecall smartphone right into an expert studio to create animation.

4. LookSee Animator:-

With the assistance of slow-movement and time-lapse animation, this system allows you to switch snapshots from the digital digicam in a lively video. The utility may be configured to grip frames on proximity detector, motion or sound, to delete the cloth however for direct digital digicam control; it’s also feasible to configure.

After the cloth is formed, it is able to be related to a comparable animation. It is likewise feasible to paintings the opposite manner around, breaking a chain of video photographs that may be re-blended into a brand new video or lively SIFCO.


The above article tells you about the Animated Apps for Android/iOS and their features and also tells you about the four best Animated Apps and their features.

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