How did you go about getting rid of cable or satellite TV?


Most of the cable TV and satellite providers are thinking about cutting the cord mainly because of the overly charged cable TV bills. This does not mean that every cable provider is giving the users a tough time, especially when you have affordable and too good to be true plans like Spectrum Silver package available near you, you might not agree with this stance. But unfortunately, there are only a handful of cable plans that come at budget-friendly rates. This is why most of the time we see cable users fretting over their pricey cable bills that seem to be rising with passing months. So if you seem to be confused about cutting the cord and also concerned about the options that you are left with further, we are here to the rescue. 

What makes Cord Cutting Attractive?

The availability of so many amazing online streaming services with better features at cheaper rates for the users makes the cord-cutting option even more attractive. They now allow you to watch your favorite live channels along with their massive libraries of never-ending content. So yes, with giants like Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, or others offering no contract flexible plans with everything you can ask for, cord-cutting seems to make sense. This is the reason we see more than 70 million subscribers headed to Netflix only in the United States. Even the newly launched services like Disney Plus for instance have been able to stack as many as 60 million customers! Not to forget that Disney launched its streaming service just a year ago. This is why we have seen a massive drop in cable and satellite TV subscribers over the past few years. 

Cord Cutting Technically does not Cut Ties

Well, this is true. You cutting the cord might still be intact to your current cable provider for seamless internet service. It is with a fast speed internet connection that you can access any of the streaming services. So you would still want a sound internet connection. Thus technically, you might not want to cut the cord completely. 

Great Streaming options 

Consumers have a vast range of streaming options available to the point that your head might feel dizzy when you have to choose the best one for you. Now here is the catch. If you want a replacement for your traditional cable TV, you can opt for any of the cable-style streaming services. This may include AT&T TV Now or YouTube TV for instance. The streaming services offer an incredible amount of content that you would love to watch. 

Power of Antenna

If you are not willing for availing of any of the online streaming services, do not forget the power of a TV antenna! All you have to do is get a good TV indoor or outdoor antenna that is compatible with your TV. Place it at a good spot for better receptivity. Now you can enjoy broadcast channels for free over the air. 

A wide range of antennas is available in the market with different make and models at varying prices. It is good to do some basic research on their features and cost before you head to the market to purchase one that fits your criteria.

Cord Cutting might lead to Pricey Internet 

Another aspect involved when we consider getting rid of cable or satellite TV is the fact that lets face it-we might end up paying more for our internet. That is true! Most of the users avail the bundle offers these days that come at discounted rates. So we get access to the internet, TV, and/or phone services. But in case you decide to ditch your cable TV subscription, you might have to opt for standalone internet plans. Also, you would not want to compromise on the internet speed and reliability since it might influence your online TV watching experience. You would not want to take the pain of buffering issues now and then. Thus a faster and more reliable internet package might come with a higher price tag. So upgrading to a better internet plan would indeed cost you more money. 

The Bottom Line

In case you are wondering to give up on your cable or satellite TV subscription, the aforementioned discussion highlights all the key aspects you must keep in mind before taking your final decision to avoid getting into any hassle later. 

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