How to Track a Lost Person through Their Cell Phone


Did you know? Over 6, 00,000 people go missing each year in the USA, including young kids and older individuals.

Being a parent, you would be concerned about the safety of your kids. But what if they don’t make it home on time? Or what if your beloved senior suffering from dementia loses his way home?

That’s why it’s better safe than sorry. You never know when you have to face such scenarios. Therefore, it is important to use safety measures such as tracking them by their phone. While security agencies and police can do it easily, your timely action can make a difference.

There are many ways to track lost people through their cell phones. Here’s how…


Easy way to track a Lost Person through Their Cell Phone

Install a Phone Tracking App:

There are many phone tracking apps to choose from.

The role of these tracking apps, as the name suggests, is to help you track someone’s GSM location as well as their messages and online activities being made over the phone.

You need to install them on the phone of your kids or other family members. Once they are installed, you can monitor their information through a control panel provided on your phone or the website of that app. Some of these apps are free while some are paid. Some apps also provide you a free demo or trial version.

Phone Tracker is a popular app that helps you track everything, from GSM location, text messages to calls logs on the target phone. You can use one app for up to five smartphones. It is compatible with over 90% Android phones.

Use “Find My Device” for Android:

Find My Device lets you track the location of an Android cell phone. But it is only useful if the device is registered with your Gmail account. Find My Device is the product by Google for Android phones.

Make sure the target phones are registered with your Gmail ID or you know the Gmail password and username of the target phone. You can track an Android phone by putting these credentials using Find My Device app available on any Android phone. Or you can type Find My Device in the search bar of Google. Keep in mind that you should know the username and password of the target phone to track an Android phone.

Use “Find my iPhone” for iPhone:

To track the iPhone, you need to Find My iPhone tool. It is in-built in iPhone and activated on its own as you start the iPhone for the very first time.

Otherwise, you can activate it by visiting “Settings” and tap on “Apple ID” —iCloud. Activate the “Find my iPhone” to activate the feature.

With Find my iPhone feature, you can easily track the location of the linked iPhone in iCloud from any desktop browser or another iOS device.

All you need to enter the Apple ID password and username of the phone.

Use Wireless Carrier Services:

Your wireless carrier’s location can also help you. For example, you can use AT&T’s Family Map, Sprint’s Family Locator, or Verizon’s Family Locator.

However, these services are paid and the prices vary based on your wireless carrier. Install your wireless carrier’s location service mobile app on your mobile phone, tablet, or smartphone, and follow the instructions.

So these are some ways to track a missing person through their mobile phone. Technology can be useful to track someone’s location. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

Author Bio:- Founder at Phone Tracker, Daniel Ross is a tech enthusiast and educates the audience on gadgets, software and futuristic technology through his writings.

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