5 Killer Instagram Marketing Hacks That Actually Works

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If you haven’t heard about instagram, chances are you are living under a rock. It is one of the social networking giants with active monthly members sharing billions of likes per day. And when it comes to branding and user management, it even beats its parent company—Facebook

To get  famous on instagram , or in general any social media site, is a dream for most of us. But for a growing number of  brands, it is the battle for survival.

Here we would share with you 5 key hacks to skyrocket your instagram growth. 

Buy Followers On Instagram:

It might appear like a shaddy technique, but it works. The only condition is that you don’t abuse it and use it in combination with other legit techniques. To give you a better picture, let’s take the following example. 

Suppose you are a rising instagram celebrity with a steady growth of followers. You came across a website named LeoBoost that promises you spontaneous growth for the right money. Getting Instagram likes from LeoBoost increases the visibility of your account, thanks to Instagram algorithm, whereas engaging content will boost your organic audience. 

Get the attention of Influencers: 

Influencer marketing is rocking on social media platforms, especially on instagram and youtube. There is a neat trick to get the most out of it.

If you are a rising brand, just visit the profiles of influencers of your niche and follow them. Interact with their content on regular bases. It is the matter of time, you will get their attention, and with that, the attention of their audience. The best way is to get into partnership with the micro-influencers. 

Participate In Popular Conversations, Or Start One: 

Using the right hashtags, you can reach a massively popular conversation. Next, you would have to engage the traffic on each post. Use relevant and meaningful hashtags as you engage in the conversations

Another way is to go on a posting and liking spree. If your niche is popular, there are high chances you will make a name for yourself in a very short time. 

Complement Your Posts With Content:

People just view photos on instagram. Ironically, the site made mainly for photo sharing has a strong user base that interacts with the content with posts. To generate engagement and sharing, it is a must-do to use storytelling alongside instagram posting.  

A powerful content will multiply the audience and visibility of the photos. Another technique is to use hashtags in the content. It is a proven way to get more audience to your brand or profile.

Strategically Use The Call-to-action:

Instagram is  not a broadcasting platform, and like all social networking sites, it promotes networking and conversation, in short, user engagement. Be very specific what you want to achieve from the content, and then, strategically place the call-to-action. The most important position of the CTAs is the Bio section, Instagram stories, and of course, the photos being shared.


Instagram is a growing social media platform and so there is a huge room for marketing in it. Many small businesses, and even top-tier brands, are making a sizable sum of money through it. If you want to be as successful, aside from sticking to the basics, perform these advanced marketing hacks. 

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