Facebook Ads For Beginners: A Complete Guide For Initializing Your First Campaign

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To make your venture reach new heights, promotion is a crucial element. Innovative ideas like dropshipping are conquering the present market. People want to try their hands on it, but they find it challenging to do it independently. Several free dropshipping courses would help you understand this term better. Also, in addition to it, advertisement is a necessary factor.

Are you looking for a guide that helps you advertise your business on social media platforms? If your answer is yes, you are on the correct page. This article will serve you a step by step guidance to help you start your first campaign. Even if you are a beginner, by the end of the content, you will have enough knowledge to start your endeavour. So, let us start to gain some knowledge about this field.

Why create Facebook ads?

Facebook is a multipurpose platform suitable for chatting, sharing pictures, getting updates, etc. It is a vastly growing digital market that is accessible by a vast population.

Why is it important?

Assume that there is an emerging start-up that competes with other firms in the commercial trade. Advertising with the help of banners and hoardings won’t help it reach that level of success,which it can.

Creating an ad with some visual effects is way more productive than handling brochure person to person. Remember someone handing a pamphlet in your hand on the roads? What did you do? Most probably, you threw it away. It is the reality of the old ways of marketing. You will agree that videos attract more attention, and users are more likely to watch it while scrolling through Facebook. After understanding the essence of Facebook ads, let’s start with some crucial and fundamental steps that you need to follow.

  1. Make a business account.

First of all, make a business account for Facebook. Such an account will help you in various ways. It will offer you several tools and features that you need to run a campaign. You need to give your basic information such as name and mail address. Hence, following some elementary steps, you are now ready with a business account.

  1. Know if your ad is doing its job.

To monitor the success of your ad, you can use Facebook Pixel. You can install Facebook pixel effortlessly. It will help you to know if your ad has any role in a successful sale. You can link it to your Shopify account to get the best results. It will help to track the activity of your customers effortlessly. Hence, if there is any loophole, you can work on it.

  1. Target and retarget the clients.

Getting the right group of audience to target is the most beneficial step in Facebook advertisements. Observe the items added in their cart and the products that they view repeatedly.Try to monitor some activities of the users. Some points that you must track are:

  •         The ads that they see more often
  •         Trending products
  •         Market level

To make your customers watch your ad, try to make it precise. The ad should be specific and talk about business. The Shopify video ads are a creative and innovative tool to do so. It represents the combined effect of simplicity and creativity, which lures more and more viewers to watch till the end.

After you monitor the interest of your potential customer, show them ads based on their delight. It will tempt them to visit your site and make a purchase.

  1. Organize the Facebook campaign

There are three types of campaigns available. They are awareness campaigns, conversion campaigns, and consideration campaigns. You can go to the ad manager of your Facebook account to set up the drive. Choose according to your need. E.g. If your motive is to create awareness about a product, choose the awareness campaign. After your campaign becomes famous, you can launch the product under it. It will help you create a brand name and trust among the audience.

  1. Do a proper setup

After you create an ad and set up a campaign, now it is time to do some primary setting. Collect information about the on-going market trend and do a proper study about the same. Once you have all the knowledge, finalize the budget that you wish to spend. Remember that the money that you are investing in the advertisement is adding to your investment. Don’t spend lavishly.

Based on your product, make a rough plan about the target audience and demographic area that you wish to cover. Implement these features in your setup to get maximum profit.

  1. Create the ad

Creating an ad is not only for the profits of an individual but also boosts the company’s overall wealth. If you are doing your marketing correctly, it will surely provide you with excellent advantages. In the dropshipping business, it is the same case. Once you set up your Shopify account, all you need is proper advertising. After people start knowing you and your firm, there is no stopping.

Facebook ads for Shopify is a fantastic tool that helps you elevate your business. It focuses on a particular domain and helps you create the best ad.

  1. Track the progress of the campaign

It is essential to implement changes from time to time. You need to check the ad’s progress at least once a day.

Monitor the progress over a period of time. If you feel that it is going as per your plan, you can sit back and relax. Else, reconsider your plan. Change the target audience or try to target more number of people. You can also try changing the geography and age bar. Keep on experimenting till you get efficient results. But, remember to have patience. Give some time after you modify the settings. If you keep on changing the settings frequently, you will not get satisfactory results ever.


So, we saw some steps to make an ad capable of providing revenue in no time. These tips will improve the statistics of profit over time. Following these steps, you can reach a milestone quite conveniently.

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