5 Recommended Methods to Fax From Your PC


There are unlimited methods that can be utilized when we need to fax from a PC. In case you need to know which options are available for you, you have landed on the right site. Here we are going to let you know about some options that can be used in this regard. 

We have done some extensive research for the sake of your convenience, so you don’t have to go anywhere else in search of the correct answer. Read this piece of information till the end to find out what we have for you to look forward to.

Below are the five recommended methods that help fax from your PC, so have a look and choose your favorite way:

1). CocoFax

This is one of the most fantastic fax services in the market for a while and helps send faxes to over 180 countries. You will not find any other service better than this when we talk about high-quality performance and ease of usage CocoFax has everything that people need in an advanced faxing service. 

With this application’s help, you can make your personal and professional work stress-free and do everything within a couple of minutes. Now you don’t have to wait for a long time to deliver important documents to your colleagues and potential business partners, as everything will be done within clicks. Stay where you are and make your work simple. 

Some Top Features of CocoFax

Fax Cover 

The application allows you to choose from the multiple fax covers that are there on the website. It is up to you whether you need to go for one or not. You can select any kind of fax cover from here as they are being made by keeping in mind the needs of current business trends. 

Customer Support Service

CocoFax allows you to avail of customer support service assistance whenever you need to. There is no need to wait for a specific time to contact them if you have any trouble using it. They are experts and work 24/7, so you can get them whenever you need to. 

Mobile Application

We all know that we can’t carry a PC with us all the time, so it is better if there is a mobile application that helps us in sending and receiving faxes whenever we need to. With this application’s help, you can stay where you are and do all the work using your mobile phone. 

Environment Friendly

This is the finest thing that we can associate with this tool. All those who need to be responsible citizens and want to make a difference by going green can use CocoFax. It lets you save the money that you were previously using on buying papers for faxing. 

There is no need to use paper that you were using for your personal and professional work as by using this fax service, everything will be done via automatic processing. This allows you to eliminate the usage of paper that was there before. 

User- Friendly

CocoFax is best for all kinds of business requirements. It doesn’t matter for which type and area of business you require to deal with; CocoFax will remain there for you in all kinds of situations. Send all types of emails as you only want the receiver’s fax number, and the rest of the work will be done by the app.

All kinds of e-devices work fine when it comes to using this app. You can do your faxing work with your smartphone, tablet, computer and will receive instant alerts in real-time. It means to say that you will find out everything related to faxing when someone signs, opens, or edits the document.

Searchable Faxes

The application lets you search for the desired fax that you need in thousands of faxes. There is no need to look for the preferred fax on your own as all the work will be done by automatic processing. You just need to add the main keyword of the fax you are looking for, and the rest of the work is on the service to deal with. Within a couple of minutes, you will find desired results. 

2). OpenText RightFax

This service is known as a custom-based solution that lets you use this service in several ways. In case you have a company and would like to have your fax hosted locally, OpenText can help you do it. If you’d choose a completely server-based model that manages all of your faxing in the cloud, this service can also get the job done that way.

RightFax functions with many services, such as Google Apps, Office 365, Oracle, and others. Once you make a document in those services, you can send it to the RightFax Server in the cloud with its destination, and it’ll land on the other side in a fax machine.

3). eFax

This cloud-based service can work not only from your computer but also on a tablet and smartphone. When users load it up, they can log into the eFax MyAccount page and pick the “Send Faxes” option. You can then write a message, attach up to 10 documents, and send it to the receiver.

Apart from that, eFax is available in monthly installments of $16.95 in the beginning. You’ll also have to pay a $10 setup fee. That plan contains 150 free pages sent or received every month, then costs you 10 cents for every extra page you send or receive. eFax Pro costs you $19.95 per month, which has a $19.95 setup fee and increases your monthly page count to 200 pages.

4). RingCentral Fax

RingCentral is the fourth fax service that allows you to send fax from our PC. This is famous as it gives a cloud-based phone system for companies. But it also provides what the company calls an advanced, cost-effective way to fax. Send faxes and receive incoming faxes from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

The service keeps a log of all of the faxes you’ve sent and received, and all lets you keep your present fax numbers or pick from new ones. In case you still have any doubt about the service, you can always try out the free trial and make sure how this service benefits you. 

5). MyFax

This is the last fax service on our list today that lets you fax from a PC and many other electronic devices. This service makes your faxing experience easy and straightforward as there is no need to do anything complicated at your end. 

MyFax offers you a local fax number, to begin with, but you can also choose a toll-free or international number in case you need it. Once you’re set there, you can send emails through MyFax, and the service will change then to faxes via automatic processing that can land on a fax machine.


We hope that this article will help you get to know everything that you are looking for in some most acceptable options to fax from your PC. Choose your favorite application and let us know about your experience. We would love to know about it.

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