Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Headphones

Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Headphones


Are you thinking of buy perfect headphones? Are headphones a necessary accessory that you can’t do without? Today, countless people take advantage of the time to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts. Whether taking a walk, playing sports, on public transport, or in the office. Many users liven up these times by listening to songs or programs. For this reason, buy perfect headphones are one of the most used technological accessories today since they allow you to enjoy the content in a private environment and without disturbing the people around you.

“In a nutshell, you must look for headphones that are affordable, has a solid build and sound quality, and are comfortable to wear. Additionally, the headset pair should not leak sound and must be sweat resistant.”

Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Headphones

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Features to consider while choosing the best headphones

The problem is that in the market, there is a huge variety of headphones of different models, shapes, and sizes. It is not easy to choose between headband or button headphones like the Shure SE846, with noise cancellation or wireless. To help you choose, let’s look at what you have to keep in mind while buying headphones.

Choose the right model

The headphones have evolved a lot during the last years, and this has made possible the appearance of different models and types of headphones. Each of these headphone models adapts to a different type of need and user preference. Choose headphones the same way that you would choose footwear. You won’t go to the gym with elegant shoes or to a gala dinner with some football boots.

Having quality headphones has become almost essential for many users when it comes to sports, work, or entertainment during daily trips on public transport or long trips.

Water resistance

If you use the headphones while exercising, some models have been specifically designed to withstand splashes of sweat and water.

The most advanced wireless sports headphones allow use even inside the pool. Since they have a special wireless connection system that allows Bluetooth connection even in the water. Where wireless waves are not capable of transmitting. This type of headphones is usually wireless since only this type of connection guarantees the total freedom of movement required in sports training.

Some sports headphones include their internal memory and MP3 player to avoid having to rely on an external device and can even incorporate their activity monitors that send training information to an app installed on your mobile. This eliminates the need to carry an audio player while doing sports or use other sports accessories.

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These headphones are designed specifically to prevent them from falling while doing sports, and, through the use of special silicone pads, they get fit like a glove to the ear to prevent them from falling and can lose or interrupt your training.

Bluetooth or wired

After choosing the headphone format that is most appropriate for your use and needs. The following is to decide what type of connection you prefer to connect the headphones to your playback devices: Bluetooth or cable.

Bluetooth headphones provide a much more comfortable connection since you are not tied by a cable that hinders your movements. And you can get up from the chair without fear of cable pulls or without the cable hindering you while doing other things with hands.

Choosing a Bluetooth headset is perfect if what you are looking for is a greater comfort of movements. So they are the ideal headphones for use with your mobile or as headphones for sports.

One of the main advantages is that some Bluetooth headphones can also be used with the cable when they run out of battery, which makes them a much more versatile option. With them, you can choose between the comfort of wireless headphones. And the option of connecting them by cable to obtain the highest sound quality.

Headphones with active noise cancellation

The active noise cancellation is becoming one of the star features for headphones. This system uses microphones that capture the frequencies of external noise and emit a frequency that counteracts it, creating a total silence around you.

The headphones with active noise cancellation are perfect for long trips and isolated in noisy environments. Such as inside an airplane or a train. This technology was developed to reduce the auditory stress of the aviators. Who had to withstand the constant noise of the engines for long hours.

The use of noise-canceling headphones allows you to isolate yourself from the environment and enjoy only the sound that is played in the headphones.

Con: This can even be dangerous, so do not use noise-canceling headphones while driving. They are not recommended for use while walking on the street as you could get in an accident since you would not hear sirens, horns, whistles, or other acoustic signals that could alert you to danger. That is why some of these headphones include ambient sound modes that reduce that level of isolation.

Noise-canceling headphones are not for everyone as some people find that feeling of artificial isolation unpleasant and cause “acoustic dizziness.”


Comfort should also be the headphones aspect when choosing sports headphones or headphones to listen to music from your mobile. In in-ear headphones, it is important to have pads and fasteners of different sizes and shapes to get them to adapt as much as possible to the inside the ear.

Headband construction

The construction of the headband and its size adjustment are important key factors. It is important to have good padding on the top of the headband. So that they are more comfortable to use for a long time. If this part is too rigid, it is likely that, with the weight of the headphones. You may feel discomfort at the top of your head and you will find it uncomfortable to use them.

Technical factors

Of course, at the technical level, not all headphones are the same, and with a simple look at their technical specifications, you can already get an idea of ​​the features offered. These are some of the technical characteristics that you should keep in mind while choosing good headphones.


One of the technical terms that you will find in the specifications of the headphones is the impedance and is measured in ohms (Ω).

The impedance is a value that indicates the resistance to the passage of electric current. The lower its value will indicate that the headphones offer less resistance to the passage of current. So they need less energy to vibrate and, therefore, will sound with a greater volume.

Sensitivity and frequency range

The human being can only perceive the sounds in a certain frequency range between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). The wider this frequency range, the greater the range of sound nuances will be able to reproduce, offering better quality.

Not all headphones are capable of producing the full frequency range, so some headphones cut at the lower frequencies.

On the other hand, sensitivity refers to the sound power that the headphones provide and is represented in decibels (dB). The human ear supports up to a maximum of 100 dB and above these values. ​​

It can lead to pain and hearing damage. So it is of little use to pay an extra cost when buying headphones with a sensitivity greater than 120 dB.

Noise elimination

Generally, we think this is achieved by increasing the volume of the headphones. But, as we know, high volume is not the best for ear health, so it is best to attend to the design.


Equalizers ensure that the sound is not distorted with the treble or bass, is there anything worse than listening to a buzz instead of a good drum or an awesome beat?


Do keep all the above points in mind while buy your perfect headphones to ensure comfort, quality, and the best sound experience. As headphones have become a daily essential for music lovers especially. Read this article tips to buy perfect headphones.

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