Keep Tabs on Kids Whereabouts Without Their Knowledge

Is It Okay to Keep Tabs on Kid’s Whereabouts Without Their Knowledge?

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Allowing your kid to go outside and play with his/her pals makes you a great parent. If you have teenagers, you may find yourself allowing them to endeavor off miles away to hang out with their friends. 

What makes a great parent is always keeping a constant eye on your children to know where they are. You can’t just take a kid’s word for it either; the ideal solution to ease your nerves is to locate them in real-time. 

So, the question is: is it okay to watch your children’s movements without telling them?

Part 1: How to Find My Child’s Location Without Them Noticing

Are you unsure about the places your kid goes to after school? Are you suspecting they’re lying about where they visit? Does it bother you that your son or daughter could be rambling with an unwanted company?

As a guardian, to worry about your children is normal as you want to ensure their safety at all times. That’s why it’s essential to watch their movements round-the-clock. And, what better method than to locate their mobile phone location?

In this article, we’ll show you how to know your kid’s favorite spots around town without them finding out.

Spyic – A Trustworthy Tool to Trace a Kid’s Phone Location

Among the most reputable brands in the phone locating business is Spyic solution. It can help you to know your kid’s whereabouts very conveniently. Not only can you trace where they are, but you can also take advantage of tons of other useful features. These include:

  • Geo-Fencing

The feature allows you to set geographical perimeters for your child’s mobile device. In doing so, the app will send you an alert each time the phone crosses the provided boundaries. It helps parents to know that their kids aren’t wandering away from school.

  • Keylogger

With the keylogger feature, you can view everything typed on your children’s phone. When I say “everything,” I mean it. The keylogger keeps a tab on text messages, chats and can even record various social media apps’ login credentials. 

  • Social Media Monitor

You can easily see the social media activities of your kid’s phone with Spyic. The app has inbuilt modules that show you what a child does on all social networks. That includes apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

  • Web Browser History

Spyic allows analyzing your child’s internet activities without them ever finding out. That way, you can learn about the websites they visit and even create restrictions on sites with inappropriate content.

That’s just a glimpse of what you can achieve with the app. Proceed with this guide to get more info about Spyic and see how it works 100% stealthily.  

Part 2: How to Locate Your Children’s Phone Without Detection

When using the Spyic tool to locate your child’s smartphone, they can’t ever discover the app’s presence. It can be surprising, but here’s how it works:

  1. For iOS Devices

Spyic for iOS uses the iCloud feature that’s inbuilt in all iPhones and iPads. Therefore, the app doesn’t need you to install any app since it works entirely remotely. It means that you’ll never touch the kid’s device, and they won’t ever suspect anything. 

  1. For Android Devices

When dealing with Android phones and tablets, the process is a bit different. 

  • First, you have to install the Spyic app once on your child’s device. The coolest part is that you can remove the app icon from the kid’s phone app menu, so they won’t have anything to spot on their phone.
  • The Spyic app for Android is less than 2MB and uses considerable phone resources.
  • The app runs quietly. It doesn’t show any notifications as it works in the background.
  • If you wish to get rid of the app, use the single click button on your dashboard to uninstall the app remotely.

How to Use Spyic to Access your Kid’s Cell Phone Location Secretly

Spyic is an easy-to-use web service. To get started, use a valid email ID to sign up and get a suitable plan. After that, you can access your dashboard instantly at any time. 

To check your kid’s live location, look for the Location tab on your dashboard. From there, you can see all the places he/she is presently at or has visited recently. Besides, Spyic gives you the timestamps for each location to know where your children are at a given time. 

Read on to find out why Spyic is trusted with over a million people across 190+ countries.  

Part 3: Why Spyic and Nothing Else?

Here’s why you should use Spyic and not some other software:

  • No Technical Knowledge: All the hard work is already done for you! Spyic doesn’t ask you to jailbreak an iOS device or root an Android phone. Just get the solution, and you’re entirely ready.
  • Web-Based Interface: With Spyic, you can keep a constant eye on your kid’s location at all times. What you need is a smartphone or computer since the app is compatible with all internet browsers. 
  • Pricing: You’ll get the most affordable subscription plans in the market with Spyic. And even so, the solution doesn’t lack features in any regard. The tool is loaded with all the fantastical elements to view a kid’s phone activities.

Final Remarks

It can be worrying when your kid doesn’t come home at the scheduled time. However, with Spyic, you won’t face this problem. There’s no stress, and you won’t be blankly minded while thinking about your kids’ whereabouts. 

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