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How To Reset Your LG Smart TV to Factory Setting


LG Smart TV, There’s a lot more than viewing shows and movies on TV cable these days, all because of the quick technological advancements. With Smart TV, many things can be explored and many new ways to be entertained. Installing steaming applications and streaming video over the internet are also options. LG has discovered a clever WebOS-based breakthrough. The LG tv is the most well-known of the newest generation of LG smart gadgets. LG television, like other smart gadgets, may however malfunction. This problem might be a reasonable cause by a random program that was installed. It’s usually a good idea to conduct an LG tv hard reset if the TV is having some problems. We will be discussing on How To Reset Your LG Smart TV to Factory Settings.

On a smart TV, a factory reset will restore all of the settings to their default state. It’s done when there’s a bugging mistake on the smart tv while watching. We’ll discuss, how to Reset Your LG Smart TV to solve problems and malfunctions. If TV is reset then everything will be erased after a full reset. Custom settings, recordings, connected accounts, programs, and stored wifi passwords and user profiles are all included. Below are the steps where the steps are explained to reset the TV to Factory Settings:

WebOS Factory Reset

If the TV runs on webOS, you’ll need to use one of these techniques to do a factory reset. Your TV’s operating system may be found in the software settings.

webOS is a highly strong platform that was made to run all web-based applications as well as other third-party applications. Although the visual display quality is excellent, there may be a software problem as well. Below are the steps for WebOS Factory Reset:

  • To access the launcher, press the Home button on your TV remote.
  • Navigate to the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.
  • From the bottom left corner, choose All Settings.
  • Select General, then Reset to Initial Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Now type in the security code which can be LG webOS tv security can be 0,0,0,0 or 1,2,3,4 depending on the tv model.
  • The television will then resume, and the procedure will begin.

After the television has reset, it will prompt you to finish the television setup. After you’ve followed the on-screen directions, your television will be set up and you’ll be able to watch as usual. Check to see if the error has been resolved.

NetCast Factory Reset

If your LG television supports a NetCast platform, below are the steps on how to factory reset netcast television models. The instructions are identical to those for webOS models, except the selections are located in a different position. The steps are:

  • Using the remote, press the Home button.
  • From the launcher menu, choose Setting.
  • From the settings menu, click Option, then Initial Setting. (To navigate down or up, use the arrow keys.)
  • Now input the security code as and are the default security settings. Enter your password if you have one set on your television.
  • To finalize the factory reset, choose Yes.

The television begins to reset, and the procedure may take some time to finish. After that, you must set up your television. Sign in again if you’ve linked your account with your television. All connected accounts and installed apps, and user profile settings will be imported. While completing the setup, link your LG accounts. After resetting the TV, it’s critical to update the firmware.

How To Reset Your LG TV Without Using Your Remote

When you have the TV remote, the procedure of resetting is quite easy. However, if you don’t have the remote and need to reset it, you may do it by following these easy steps:

  • You can try holding the “Power” button on the TV’s side or bottom panel. You should not go to the following step if it resets after 10 seconds. If it doesn’t, you should move on to the next step.
  • Navigate to the “Menu” and “Settings” choices on the TV using the joystick-like panel controls.
  • Then, using the same settings as in the previous settings, you may pick the reset choices. Select Menu>Settings>General>Reset Option> from the drop-down menu. Choose Confirm>. Start the reset by entering the password for the TV.

How To Reset Your LG Smart TV Without The Password

One can forget the passwords and pin codes if they are too complicated. It’s extremely likely that you won’t remember your passwords after a lengthy period of not using them. An LG TV, on the other hand, cannot be reset if you forget the pin code or parental lock you put up when you initially bought it. One option is to reset the pin codes that you have previously established. Follow the instructions below to reset the pin:

  • Go to the “Menu” option on the remote control and choose “Settings.” Find the “Advanced settings” option by scrolling through these settings choices.
  • Scroll down to the “Advanced settings” tab and look for the “Safety” choices.
  • A “Reset Password” option will appear on the screen. It is not recommended that you click on it. Simply select it with the help of the cursor and press channel up twice, then channel down, and finally channel up. This is a hidden built-in code that is used to assist users who have forgotten their passwords.
  • In the next pop-up dialogue box, type “0313” or “0325.”
  • In the safety dialogue box that appears next, type “0000.”
  • You will now be sent to a screen where you can modify your password.

You can now complete resetting the LG Smart TV steps with this new password.


As televisions become more intelligent, their capabilities expand. With so many options, an inexperienced user may become confused with the TV’s programming. Learning all of the TV’s resetting techniques is a simple solution to this problem. Each television will use somewhat different approaches, but the fundamental steps are all outlined on this page. We have discussed above about the various steps on How to Reset Your LG Smart TV to Factory Settings.

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