10 Amazing Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Out On For IGTV Videos Brands In 2020


Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform. Brands are using Instagram as a marketing platform to reach out to their target audience and market their products. The reasons why you should consider Instagram is a powerful marketing tool because:

  • It has over one million users and this number is rising every day.  
  • You can create customer-centric content
  • You get insights about your customer

Instagram’s most recent feature, IGTV, lets users upload long-form videos. You can use an online free video maker, like InVideo, to make quality videos for your IGTV. It offers customizable templates and other useful features.

Here are some fantastic ideas  for your Instagram IGTV Videos:

1.Your ANSWER – Their Questions

You can start a Question and Answer video for answering questions from your followers. You can build up a strong relationship with them.  Your video can address the most intriguing inquiries.

2.Personalized Tutorials and How-to Videos

You can ask your followers to suggest a topic for which they want a video. This will boost interaction with your brand. You can also create how-to video tutorials. For example, you can explain the functioning of a product in an IGTV.  

3.Unveiling The Set Of Upcoming IGTV Video

Sharing some behind the scenes footage of your new project is also a fantastic idea. It will spark interest among your followers and they will eagerly anticipate your next IGTV. Plus, it is quite entertaining too.  

4.Your Favorite Recipes

If you are a food blogger, you can increase your presence on Instagram by making IGTV recordings of you cooking a specific dish. Everybody adores food. By sharing your very own food recipe, you can generate engagement for your blog.

5.Testimonial Of Your Product Or Services

As a brand, a satisfied client can do the best promotion for you. You can create a short video comprising positive feedback from existing customers. These recordings are surprisingly simple to make.  You just have to compile some shots of individuals who left feedback about your product.

6.Unpacking Recordings: Unboxing Happiness

These kinds of videos are well known among bloggers. You can shoot an IGTV of you unboxing a gift, highlighting the features and its uses. This is a great idea as the video not only creates awareness about the product but also educates the audience.

7.Series Video Concept On IGTV 

Some thoughts are too complex to be expressed in a single video. If you have such thoughts, you ought to consider starting a series of videos. For instance, if you are a pageant blogger, you can begin a series about all the winning answers at the international pageant on your IGTV.

8.Fitness Is The New Fashion

A considerable number of individuals exercise at home and they are always looking for inspiration. You can share your warm-up routine or yoga schedule with your Instagram followers. If you have knowledge about various distinct exercise schedules, you can consider making IGTV recordings that clarify each activity.

9.Review a Book, a Restaurant or a Movie

Culture is a wonderful source for your IGTV. Exploring cinema, books, or eateries is an incredible way to attract followers. You can also create a video about a specific culture on IGTV to educate your audience. Another idea is to make reaction videos for various media.  = It is possible to devote your whole channel to them.

10.Cat out of the Bag

An IGTV video on “What’s in my bag” or “What’s on my phone” will create curiosity among your followers. With new applications coming into the market, it is difficult to keep track of them all.  You can record your computer screen while using new and interesting applications. For example, showcase how to create ads for  Instagram using a free ad maker. This is an amazing way to gain more followers.    


Instagram’s IGTV feature is a great way to advertise your brand and make meaningful connections with your audience. Don’t hesitate to do something out of the box! Explore your creativity with an IGTV video today.

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