Reasons why your Computer hates you

Reasons why your Computer hates you


Did you ever feel that your computer hates you? We know that computers don’t have feelings and emotions, but they can express their hate in many different ways. Unexpected shutdowns, lagging systems files, poor performance issues are the indications of the computer’s hate for you. This generally happens when you don’t take care of your computer. In today’s world, laptops and computers take the most beating, and not focusing on repairing and maintenance would be an injustice to the machine.

Reasons why you are facing issues with the computer

There are thousands of tiny components in the computer that are packed in a compact body. If you take proper care of the machine, it can run for years. Computer hardware and software failure issues are common in all versions but not taking care of the root cause would be a mistake. An unexpected shutdown is nothing to worry about but if it keeps happening, Ask Computers experts can help you with diagnostics. After dealing with thousands of faulty devices, now we have prepared a list of top reasons why computers fail.

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  1. You don’t have Recovery Strategy.

Having a backup for your important files not only takes off the storage load, but you can also rely on the availability of the data. In the case of computer hardware or software failure, you can easily utilize the backed up data files to restore the data. For hard disk failure, you can create a disk image and store it on an external hard disk and restore the partitions after the crash.

  1. You don’t maintain your device

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your computer in running condition. You don’t need to invest a lot in general cleaning and maintenance. If you are not sure what to do for general maintenance, try Ask Computers help. Professional services are always a better choice if you really want to keep your computer with you.

When was the last time you properly cleaned the cooling fans and removed dust from the components? You may not realize these small issues, but eventually, your computer will fail, and you will think your computer hates you. Well, it is obvious for someone to hate you if you don’t pay attention to their needs and the same goes for computers. Laptops and gadgets don’t have a heart, but they have storage and CPU, and that’s where their emotions are.

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  1. You are using an outdated Operating System

Are you still running Windows 98 or even Windows XP? Let’s consider you are using Windows 7. Did you know that Microsoft has discarded official support for all of these outdated operating systems? Using an old operating system on your computer is just like inviting danger. Your computer files are constantly exposed to threats and viruses. With no effective security against external attacks, some viruses can damage the hardware too. If you need the older versions to operate any specific program for study or professional work, you can use the older version in Virtual Environment. This approach will get the task done without damaging the other aspects.

  1. You always put the computer to sleep

Just like human beings, machines and computers also need a break to relax. When we keep using the machine day and night, components start slowing down. The best way to avoid overuse is to shut down your computer before going to sleep. Restarting your computer will only take a few more seconds, but it is a preventive measure that will benefit you in the long term.

  1. You got it repaired by an inexperienced person

Computers are complicated, and only an expert technician can detect and solve the root cause of the problems. At Ask Computers, only safe and recommended computer repairing practices are followed for the safety of the device and your data. Don’t try to cut repairing costs with temporary fixes and always ask for effective and sustainable solutions.

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  1. You did not use OEM components

Hardware failure is a common and costly deal. While replacing an older or faulty component in the computer, always prefer OEM components for reliability. Ask Computers only offer OEM component and hardware replacement services for successful repairing services. Sooner or later, low-quality components or hardware will fail, and computers hate this situation.

Be a good friend to your computer

If you want to connect with your computer on the next level, treat it as your best friend. Take care of its cleaning, maintenance and always take it to a professional computer repair shop. Ask Computers will love to help you in re-establishing your relationship with your computer.

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