How to Boost Efficiency While Working on a Macbook

How to Boost Efficiency While Working on a Macbook


Switching from Windows to macOS is not the same for everyone. Some people require more time to learn new things, whereas others have no problems readjusting and using their Macbooks efficiently.

There is also a group that prefers things to take a natural course, and they are in no hurry to master a Mac. But what about those who have to deal with deadlines for work or studies? Lacking certain knowledge may lead to missed deadlines, stress, and other problems.

This article is a good reference to those who want to learn more about Macbooks and make the most out of what the device has to offer.

Idea #1 – Take Advantage of Sidecar

Sidecar is one of those features that you can benefit from as a graphic designer. Figuring out how to use apple sidecar is pretty simple. If you have an iPad, then you can connect it to the Macbook wired or wirelessly and have the two devices share the same screen (Macbook being the primary source).

You can use the iPad as the graphics tablet with the Pen tool and doodle while seeing what is happening on the Macbook. At the same time, there could be someone else who would like to watch the same movie or TV series as you on a Macbook. Having a separate iPad screen is a better option in some cases since some Macs do not have the biggest screens.

Idea #2 – Learn Relevant Keyboard Shortcuts

You would save some time by learning certain keyboard shortcuts. For starters, memorize shortcuts for taking screenshots. Shift + Command + 4 captures a particular area of the screen, while Shift + Command + 3 captures the whole screen.

Option + Command + Delete is also worth memorizing. Some users drag files in the Trash Bin, thinking that it takes care of the data they want to delete. But you need to empty the Trash every time you put files there.

On the other hand, Option + Command + Delete deletes files permanently, meaning that you do not have to bother with the Macbooks’ Trash Bin.

Idea #3 – Optimize Internet Browser

A lackluster internet browser can slow down the overall efficiency in ways that you may not expect. Some browsers are notorious for memory requirements, and if you add extensions, they start to perform even worse.

Too much cache is another common cause behind a poorly-optimized internet browser. Get in the habit of clearing browser cache regularly.

If the problem persists despite your best efforts, there is still an option to get a new browser. There are several available options. If you have been using Safari or Chrome, why not give Vivaldi, Opera, or Firefox a try?

Idea #4 – Sign Documents Digitally

Digital signatures work in your favor if you have to deal with multiple documents throughout the day. Moreover, if you are stuck at home and local libraries are closed, getting your hands on a scanner might be too difficult.

Open a PDF document via Preview and click the pen icon at the top-right corner. Select the “Create New Signature” tab. 

You have three options to upload the signature to the computer:

  1. Sign on the trackpad.
  2. Sign on your iPhone and transfer it to the Mac.
  3. Get a sheet of paper, sign on it using a pen, and take a picture using the Macbook’s camera.

Once the signature is on the computer, you can add it to PDF documents using the Preview application. Instead of creating a new signature, you will have an option to add a current signature.

Idea #5 – Find Word Definitions

If you are stuck in a document that has too many difficult words and phrases, using a dictionary is more or less inevitable. However, switching to another tab to find out what every other word means is time-consuming. Not to mention how much time you would lose using a physical dictionary.

Thankfully, you can look up word definitions while on a Macbook. Just highlight the word or phrase and hit Command + Control + D. A small window with a definition, pronunciation, and a link to the Wikipedia page will pop-up. Once you find out what the word means, you can close the window and continue reading the document.

Idea #6 – Declutter Desktop

A cluttered desktop is a distraction because it may have icons for video games or other entertainment apps. But that is not the only downside.

Each icon on the desktop consumes system resources and puts a toll on the overall Macbook performance.

You should get in the habit of keeping your files in another location. Even if it is more convenient to access data with a single click since it is available on the desktop, sacrificing one’s productivity and the computer’s performance is not worth it.

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