Best 5 CRM Software for Small Business [2019 Collection]

Best 5 CRM Software for Small Business [2019 Collection]


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a procedure to manage a company’s potential customers data. It uses to analyze customer’s data of any company to improve the business. It is firstly introduced in the 1970s.

CRM tools help manage relationships between buyers and sellers by helping establish sales stages, sales organizations, and manage all buyers’ activities in one place. When considering the best free CRM for small businesses for free, we look for solutions that are easy to use and setup, time-saving, and make it easier to build relationships.

How We Can Judge a Free CRM Software Options

CRM instruments help oversee connections among buyers and sellers by setting up deals stages, deals association, and deal with all purchasers exercises at one spot. When considering the best free CRM for small business for independent ventures for nothing, we search for arrangements that are anything but difficult to utilize and arrangement, efficient, and make it simpler to construct connections.

Criteria we used to identify Best free CRM tools:

  • Ease to use: Good CRMs provide easy to manage and good looking features. All options are will be easily manageable is the first requirement for every person.
  • Mobile functionality: Good CRM, if it is to provide mobile functionality to manage and we can access all information on the way and easily from anywhere.
  • Automation tools and productivity tools: Automation also has a good feature so in good CRM automation and productivity option essentially required, as per the user requirement automatically creates a contact list of customer and event list, etc.
  • Tracking & Sales management activity: We see that all the important options like taking any user data, email sending and sales tasks are working well.
  • Lead and contact management features: We need to be examined all the features like management are working well. Business owners are easy to organize and make them easily accessible.
  • Upgrades and paid plans are Cheaper: See the price range is very important. We consider that the prices are affordable and the price range is not so high. Small business persons can easily buy it.
  • Feedback and reporting: Feedback and reporting option also to be required. If we found some error or bug then the user can report that issue to the technical branch of the CRM.
  • Customer support: We see, it provide good support on the free version and also in the paid version. If you want to upgrade then he can provide the best plan suggestion to you.

CRM for Small Businesses

1. HubSpot: CRM for small business

HubSopt Logo

HubSpot is one of the best CRM for small business that provides excellent CRM for sales teams and tools that have contact management, live chat, conversational bots, and social media lead. It also supports an unlimited number of users and provides an extra feature on a paid version like marketing, sales, and service. HubSpot is best if you are looking for a chatbot that means it provides chat facility in the free version.

Ease of Use

HubSpot has an easy user interface that functions and looks something like Gmail. You do not need any technical knowledge, there are drag-and-drop features so you can manage easily. HubSpot also provides lots of online tutorials to increase your knowledge which is called HubSpot Academy.

Core Features

HubSpot provides content management features. It also provides drag-and-drop, pipeline. Some other specific features include call, lead scoring, mobile app, and automatic contact enrichment are also available.

Below are highlights of a few of HubSpot CRM’s key features:

  • Lead & Contact Management: HubSpot has a very big database. In his database have approximately 20 million businesses and customer information is stored. Customer contact information is automatically added to the user account through his database. Therefore it is time-saving as manually store all user content information.
  • Sales & Marketing Activity Tracking: HubSpot’s free CRM includes key sales features including phone integration, email functionality, and communication tools like live chat and bots. Phone integration allows you to connect a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) or a desk phone to the CRM to make and log calls.
  • Opportunity Management & Reporting: HubSpot’s free CRM offers visual, drag-and-drop management features. You can add 5 document files only in an account.

Customer Support

Paid version HubSpot support customer service phone call as well as email. That is not available in free versions of CRM software.

Mobile App

HotSpot mobile application provides reporting, analytics and also accessibility of contacts. It also provides the features of email tracking.

What HubSpot Is Missing

HubSpot is missing key phone functionality found in some of its competitors, like being able to receive and log inbound calls. It is also missing direct customer support via phone or email and the ability to add landing pages unless you upgrade to one of its paid plans.

What User Think About HubSpot

HubSpot user likes to use HubSpot because it is very easy to use his functionality. They more like its paid version because there are lots of functionality are available.

Where to Find HubSpot CRM

HubSpot’s built-in conversational chatbots make it a great option for sales teams that want the ability to engage with leads visiting their website as quickly as possible. HubSpot’s pricing structure also makes it easy to add on specific functionality later as your business grows. You can get started using HubSpot CRM for free by signing up for your free account.

Remark: It provides 100% free, forever.

2. Freshsales CRM ToolsFreshsales Logo

Freshsales provides an excellent feature like inbuild phone, mobile app and an unlimited number of user support in the free plan. Othe CRMs are not giving that feature in the free version. Freshsales provides 24/5 customer support on phone as well as email. Freshsale is CRM for small business good for a sales company which is based on the telephone.

Ease of Use

Freshsales users found that it can be very easy to use. It has easy to use a feature like a click, drag-and-drop interface, etc. It provides easy setup and email and phone support.

Core Features

Freshsales provides the facility to keep your contact and Seller details in an organized way. An important feature that makes it different from others is inbuild phone, score lead, contact, and unlimited users. It provides the #1 mobile CRM app. It supports email and as well as phone support 24 hours, five days a week in both a free plan and paid plan.

Freshsales’ key features as they compare to other free programs are as follows:

  • Contact Management & Lead: It provides web-to-lead form, lead scoring, and also lead management. You can filter your content details with specific results. It does not set a limit on the number of the user. These features are not available on other SEO tools on the free version.
  • Sales & Marketing Activity Tracking: it provides email and built-in phone on its free plan. Freshsales email can link with the customer records with the blind copy (BCC). The salesperson can call through the CRM. It also provides the call record feature with linking them with the customer.
  • Reporting & Opportunity Management: In the free plan it does not have a reporting feature if you want to use it you need to buy a plan. In free plan does not have sales forecasting and create a lead score facility also.

Customer Support

Freshsales provide customer support in the free version and as well as a paid version. Other CRM vendors like HubSpot does not have. They provide 24 hours and 5 days’ support in a week and if you have a startup than Freshsale work for you, as its free version is a perfect CRM for small business

Mobile App

All Freeshsales user can use a mobile application on the free plan, that provides you to do calls to the customer. You can also see your nearby contacts with the help of mobile applications when they ride on an Ola cab ride.

What Freshsales Is Missing

Freshsales does not provide the advanced feature in the free plan like lead scoring and reporting, you found it on the paid version. It also provides Freshchat company’s chatbot integration. If you want to use chat features then use HubSpot or Insightly.

What Users Think About Freshsales

Freshsales users love the tool because they find it easy to use, great support, and includes basic email features and built-in phone integration.

Where to Find Freshsales

Sales teams that depend on outbound calling and need call recording features should try Freshsales free CRM. Its call recording features are great for remembering conversations and for evaluating calling techniques. Visit Freshsales today to try these tools yourself by signing up for free here.

3. Agile: CRM for small businessAgile logo CRM for small business

Agile CRM offers an across-the-board stage for managing client connections. It enables you to oversee deals, showcasing, and help desk exercises inside the stage. Agila CRMs are free for up to 10 users and incorporates 1,000 contacts. It likewise enables you to perform various undertakings, making points of arrival and help-desk assignments in a single spot. If you are looking CRM for small business than Agile CRM can help you. However, this heap of highlights makes it especially appropriate for programming or administration organizations hoping to do everything in one stage.

Easy to use

Agile CRM has a very easy technical setup. It is very easy to use with a customer interface. It has Google tool integration and other productivity tools mostly used by the small businesses, that gives easy to sync calendar and email functions.

Core Features

Contact Management, web analytics, email tracking, and social media features are included in the free version. It also includes sales automation, activity management, and marketing. You get one business productivity tool add-on like QuickBooks. The free plan supports up to 1000 contact.

  • Lead & Contact Management: Agile has the feature of contact management with the ability to add and update contacts and web-to-lead forms, and you can convert website visitors into leads. It provides comparison view to contact when accessing your records with information like lead scores, social profile updates and conversion history. You can also prioritize your lead with score bases.
  • Sales & Marketing Activity Tracking: Engagement tools like email campaigns and a landing page builder and lead generation are available in the free version. Building email templates features is also available there.
  • Opportunity Management: Agile helps easy to move your deals along with a drag-and-drop Kanban-style pipeline. In a free plan, you can customize deal stages or milestones. It also provides automation sales features that provide you with scheduling your automate tasks. The free plan also has an unlimited number of deals.

Customer Support

It provides email customer service support as well as you can call on +1800-980-0729 number if you need any kind of help.

Mobile App

Through the mobile app, you can use lots of contact management options, update the score, content note and other associated tasks. You can also manage appointments through the google-two-way verification.

What Agile CRM is Missing

Agile not phone support feature in the free plan. It is available only in the paid plan. In a free plan, you can take email support services.

What User Think About Agile

Agile users like to use it because it has lots of integration there. Some negligible bug is also agile. The agile mobile app does not support on some devices.

Where to Find Agile

Agile provides sales, marketing, and customer services at one place or single platform. You also customize milestones, page landing, and unlimited email tracking options. For SignUp as a free account, you can go on there website.

4. ZOHOZoho logo CRM for small business

Zoho provides up to three teams at the same time can create workflow rules. It also provides the integration of social media for free. You can work on the Zoho project, Zoho desk, and Zoho sales IQ products at the same time. So, that is best for a small team who want to sell their product on social media accounts.

Ease to use

Users of Zoho says it is easy to use with natural features. That person who has no technical skill can also use Zoho very easily. Zoho users can attach Zoho productivity products with CRM very easily.

Core Features

Zoho’s free plan includes content management, marketing, sales, and activity management. Another important feature is team communication and sharing and workflow rules customization with social media integrations.

  • Lead & Contact Management: Lead management feature is available in free account you can manage as well as store leads account. It also provides a streamlined way to capture leads with its web to lead forms and set basic rules on your prospect interaction strategy. So, ZOHO CRM, for small business will work for a long way.
  • Sales & Marketing Activity Tracking: In sales and management feature you can set basic rules for workflow also capture interactions of social media. You can also track events and call log.
  • Opportunity Management & Reporting: Zoho provides manage call logs, event, task and you can link them as per your need. It also provides attach documents and shares folders features. Zoho also provides add-on, Zoho reports and SalesIQ on its a free version.

Customer Support

Customer support service in the free version is limited as compared to the paid version. For example:- it provides technical support to free users at the business working time from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. and email will be repossessed time is two days.

Mobile App

Zoho provides the mobile application with powerful features like accessing customer emails, locate nearby customers with google maps integration. You can communicate to a customer with the help of feeds.

What Missing in Zoho

Zoho is not providing inbuild calling. It is also not providing some other features like workflow automation etc.

What users think about Zoho

Zoho users love it, reason the software provides very vast functionality. The frustrating thing is buying an add-on, which one user wants to be used.

Where to find Zoho CRM

Zoho integrated lots of office productivity features that can make it more powerful CRM. If you like Zoho and want to try it then sign up to Zoho free plan.

5. Insightly Insightly logo

Insightly provides the lead, contact, project management, voice memos, email templates, and web lead forms features in free versions. These features are required in CRM for small business management. Also, it provides the facility to manage contacts by the two organized dealers. So it provides long-time business relationships.

Ease to Use

Insightly runs on Chrome browser or any other browser very easily and it provides some powerful add-on like Gmail, Microsoft office, etc. That makes it very easy to save contact and creates a lead. Its interface very easy to manage and easy to line contacts to the project.

Core Features

Insightly provides a lead, the new relationship found and task management on its free plan and also provides project management facilities. These features make it different from others. It can access by only two user and any other limitations are also there.

  • Lead & Contact Management: Insightly provide the add contact feature with Gmail plug-in, after adding content you can create contacts lead and show activity with instructions.
  • Sales & Marketing Activity Tracking: Through Insightly you can send a large number of emails at once. This feature is not available on other CRMs software in the free plan.
  • Opportunity Management & Reporting: Insightly provides the limited feature of reporting in its free plans. Create a Large number of report and report management features are available on the paid version.

Customer Support

The free plan you can get customer support services through the help desk only. Email support services are available only for paid users. Insightly does not provide customer support on phone calls.

Mobile app

Insightly mobile application provides task listing and you can also keep updated with your coming or latest product. Such facilities are required in CRM for small business.  You can also create a voice memo for the deal and receive push notifications of your contact information or deals. Through the mobile app, you can also create projects when you are on the way or any other places.

What is Insightly Missing

Insightly does not have a phone call and email support on its free plan. It does not have an inbuilt calling feature also.

What Users Think About Insightly

Insightly users love to use because it has some extra features like you can communicate with a customer after they refused or completed a deal.

Where to Find Insightly

Insightly provides lots of business-related features. If you want to use it for your business management and growth, you can go on Insightly website and Create a free account with your First Name, Last Name, Email, and password.


We looked at different CRM tools. Pick any best one is very difficult because there are lots of vendors providing CRM tools. But this list of CRM for small business will help you to pick one. Different CRM supports different functions like chat, voice memos, drag-and-drop, contact lead management, display activities, automation, etc. Understand your requirement and make the best choice.


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