Best Brands For Desktop Computers: Which Is Most Useful

Best Brands For Desktop Computers: Which Is Most Useful


Here we will tell you the best brands for desktop computers, therefore read this article. Laptop notebooks have increased in popularity in the last decade and at the same time, desktop computers have become a necessity for consumers. However, in the case of a good desktop PCs, there will be some differences in the other PCs. Normally storing big files like music, films, and data, etc. And it keeps all your desktop files and data backed up.

If your laptop ever has a problem such as a virus, adware or Trojan, then you understand it well and when the problem comes in your laptop PCs, you will think of buying a new desktop. Then you must be thinking which brand desktop should be taken? So, here we are going to tell you which is the best brands for desktop computers? And what should be in it?

What should be the quality of the computer?

Monitor: If you want to buy a good desktop computer, customize the monitor. First of all, you have to think about what is the quality of the PCs you want? What should be its size and resolution? Typically, 24-inch monitors are running that have become commonplace.

But if you want a multi-screen monitor and you have less space then you can use LCD technology. Most people use an LCD monitor, which has full support for 1080p high-definition video.

Processor: AMD and Intel are two main manufacturers of processors. Both are famous for their quality, just as the first is famous for its efficiency and budget, the second is famous for its good performance. Then it comes to who has the most core. Whose core will be the highest, it will be a good processor.

If the processor core is high, then it will be high speed and powerful too. Therefore, it is very important to know the core of the processor when purchasing the system. If the core is low then your system will work very slowly.

RAM: Ram is a device that will be as good as your system, your system will work as well, you have been using DDR3 for many years, but today, Didi 4 is being used more, since it has been upgraded. | By the way, as good as it is, its price is also high.

But if you are taking Ram or any desktop PCs or mobile system, then definitely check its RAM, you can take at least 8 GB Ram and above. Because it is very important for Ram to be good, otherwise your system will start crashing or hanging very soon.

Here Some Best Desktop Brands

These are some brands of desktop computers that are at the forefront of today’s time.

  • DELL
  • Apple
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM PCs
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo



Dell is a desktop system that people want. Even though students have an inexpensive and capable processor system, most schools build projects that rely on more graphics power as part of the curriculum, so Dell’s new updated version has a GPU. The XPS 8390 desktop.

Although it is also used as a gaming laptop, while the modern version of the Intel processor uses 9 generations. Stay away from the older version GTX 1060, the older version is like 3 GB. But other than that, the system has a good price and good quality. You can easily purchase a Dell desktop PCs.

2. Apple


The new version of Apple has been updated inside the iconic design which gives the Silicon iMac out of the competition. There has been no change in the Sylhet of iMac for 7 years, which is a testament to the nature of Apple, this time Apple has updated the iMac 5K to create a power consumption to meet the needs of the people. It uses an 8 core Intel 9 Generation Core i9-9900K processor. 5K is the fastest among all versions of Apple. Apple also upgrades iMac and iMac pro.

The updated version of the iMac 5K is the best among all versions. However, it cannot run a biometric login and does not follow the touch screen as well. While it is rapidly performing in compact factor with canvas for desktop creation and consumption.

3. Hewlett-Packard(HP)


If you are thinking of buying a desktop, then chances are that you will be doing a desktop search that you can play games on it in free time and can spend your time on it and also save your files and data on it. Let us tell you, you must have heard the name of hp (Hewlett-Packard).

This is the system in which you can manage your data, files, and gaming too. In its updated version, HP’s Omen Oblix is ​​designed for Intel’s 9-generation and RTX 2080 graphics. Apart from omen branding, this desktop home appeals to both gamers and enthusiasts. This hp offers many configurations to suit your needs and point of origin.

The base model Omen Obelisk comes with an AMD Rizen 5 2500X CPU with four cores, 8 GB memory, and an Nvidia GTX 1660 graphics card. Serious gamers can upgrade those options to the Intel Core i7 CPU and the Nvidia RTX 2080.

4. IBM PCs


IBM PCs is a desktop whose size is small, lightweight and can be used easily. Because it is launched as a personal computer. IBM’s computer is a small size that can fit anywhere. Its hard drive capacity is 500GB and RAM is 4 GB and processor i3 is installed. IBM PCs are one of the best PCs.

5. Samsung


Samsung is one of the best and well-known companies that has been working for many years and all its electronic items have proved to be the best. And now comes the desktop, its desktops are also of good quality, in its updated version, the processor i5 is used and its hard drive capacity is 500gb and RAM is 8GB.

6. Lenovo


Lenovo is the best desktop whether it is your family entertainment or games. This desktop sets up your business, from gaming powerhouses to family entertainment. This desktop promotes all the people working around the world. Whether it is an employee working in a company or an engineer or a businessman.

This desktop is uses to manage everything. Lenovo is the best desktop of all, its capacity power is also very good. The updated version of Lenovo is the V AIO series, in which the processor uses the 8th generation Intel Core I7-8700 and its memory is 16 GB.


As we mentioned above best brands for desktop computers. So, in today’s time, humans have started doing all the work on the desktop. Even in companies, all work is done on PCs, such as employee records, finance, import-export goods, and all work is done on computers only.

Even people do entertainment on the computer like watching movies, listening to songs, playing games, etc. and other graphical works can also be done on it. We hope this article will provide you the best information about the best brands for desktop computers.

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