Java GUI Framework And Other Applications Of Java

Java GUI Framework And Other Applications Of Java

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Java is one of the popular programming languages which frequently used to develop different application. Although, it’s not an easy language to understand. Still, there are many Java GUI frameworks used to write web application mobile apps and REST APIs that run on the Java virtual machine.

Java is originally designed for interactive television but at that time it is too advance for the digital television industry. However, Java frameworks support to focus on the business logic of your app besides writing basic functionality.

So, let’s have a look at the Java graphical user interface frameworks

Best Java GUI Framework

Java programming is a requirement of now and in coming time also. so if you are also on track of developing an application from java programming and looking for the Best java GUI Framework that for your project then check out the list of Java UI that frequently use by developers and select one which one is best for you-

  1. JavaFX
  2. AWT: Abstract Widget Toolkit
  3. Swing GUI Java
  4. SWT- Standard Widget Toolkit
  5. Apache Pivot

Java application

Here we gathered the best Java GUI frameworks use in different application

1. JavaFX GUI

JavaFX is a new graphical user interface framework. Eventually, Oracle supports JavaFX strongly with Java 8 and the latest version is JavaFX 8. It supports Lambdas in simplifying user interface programming significantly.

Basically, JavaFX is a software platform mostly used to develop and deliver a desktop application. Moreover, it creates rich internet application that can run in various devices, For example, mobile phones, TVs, tablets, etc

2. AWT: Abstract Widget Toolkit

AWT is Java’s original and independent platform for windowing, graphics, and user-interface widget tool kit. Now, it is part of Java Foundation Classes(JFC) and assists as a standard API for graphical user interface programming.

Moreover, AWT has a native user interface components, robust event-handling model, imaging and graphics tools, with shape color and font types, Layout manager for flexible window layout and data transfer classes through native platform clipboard.

3. Swing GUI Java

Swing GUI Java is a lightweight toolkit includes a strong set of widgets. It is the choice of framework use to create a new application. However, Swing library is develope on top of the Java Abstract Widget Toolkit (AWT), an older, platform dependent GUI toolkit. You can use the Java GUI elements like button, textbox, etc. from the library and do not have to create the elements from scratch.

Swing Java GUI is rich in many components still it lacking in some areas.

4. SWT- Standard Widget Toolkit

Standard widget toolkit or SWT is created by the IBM for eclipse use in computer programming and is the most widely utilize Java IDE). It is analogous of Swing and AWT. Furthermore, SWT is widget toolkit for Java designed to offer quality and portable access to the user interface in the eclipsed platform operating system.

Moreover, Eclipse is an integrated development environment

5. Apache Pivot

Apache Java GUI is an opensource platform for developing installable internet applications. It combines with the robustness of the Java platform to enhance the utility and productivity of the modern user interface.

Here we enlisted the top five Graphical user interface(GUI) framework of java

Other Applications of Java

User interface development is one kind of Java Application. Their other application also. Let’s see the other application of java-

1. Mobile application

ME(Micro Edition) is the Mobile edition presents an adjustable, secure condition for building and accomplishing applications that target mobile devices.

Application developed by Java ME are movable, secure and have native capabilities of the device. However, the approach of Java ME is to challenge the running application on devices, occupy is less available memory, display, and power.

2. Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are the component of larger electromechanical systems doing dedicated tasks. Moreover, the latest example of the Java Embedded system is SIM Cards, blue-ray disk players, television and utility meters etc..

Several embedded systems have no conventional user interface: no keyboard, no mouse, and no display. However, these systems react to sensor inputs, such as thermometers and accelerometers. And a headless system that connects to a network can operate a web server and provide a web-based UI(user interface)

3. Web Applications

Java offers complete support for web application through Servlets, struts or JSP. However, Java programming provides higher security which enables to create large number of government application for health, social security, education, and insurance.

It’s also developing an eCommerce web application using open-source for example Broadleaf.

4. Web Servers and Application Servers

Today, the Java ecosystem contains various Java web servers and application servers. Besides, web server space is dominated by Apache Tomcat, simple, Jo!, Rimfaxe etc.

However, a server is a tool or you can say a computer program that receives, accept and respond to the request made by other programs or say, a client. Web server and Application server are two types of server.

A web server has only servlet container and the web server work in website hosting. While Application server includes web and EJB containers.

5. Enterprise Applications

Java EE is a  popular platform of Java Enterprise edition gives API and runtime environment for writing and running enterprise software. Thus, enterprise application involves network applications and web services.

6. Scientific Applications

Java is part of many software and application development that is use in the scientific calculation and mathematical operations. These programmes are fast, secure portable and have low maintenance.

That’s all!

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